Powerwall 2 not charging or discharging

Powerwall 2 not charging or discharging

Australia - QLD- Gold Coast

Hi there,

Been trying for 3 weeks now to get a resolution from Tesla.

I had this powerwall 2 installed September 2017.
October 2017 it stopped working.
4 weeks later Tesla replaced the whole battery. Great!

Been fine since.
3 weeks ago, it stopped charging and discharging again. Same issue as October 2017...
Contacted my installer who apparently has been in talks with Tesla in regards to fixing the issue.

I’m pretty shocked this has happened twice within 9 months. Now We’ve only used the AUD$12,000 Powerwall 2 for roughly 7 months of the 9, with this down time.

Are there any recommendations to escalate this higher before I make an offical Australian Consumer Law complaint?

Thanks for your time