"As your delivery date approaches, we will ask you to pay..." Yeah? When?

"As your delivery date approaches, we will ask you to pay..." Yeah? When?

We're scheduled for delivery Saturday morning--two days from now. We still don't have the final amount from Tesla, nor the links where we can pay electronically which our ISA said would appear. The account page still says "As your delivery date approaches, we will ask you to pay..." Well, it's approaching pretty close now. No reply from ISA after a good dialog the day we got our VIN.

What has been folks' experience? How long before you took delivery did the payment stuff show up for you?

I'd hate to miss our big day because of some admin snafu.

Kathy Applebaum | 12 luglio 2018

Mine showed up while I was on the phone the first time with my ISA, which was 3 days before the original delivery date.

Jared | 12 luglio 2018

My delivery date is still a few weeks off, but my ISA told me to expect final cost details about 48 hours before my scheduled pick up.

CharleyBC | 12 luglio 2018

Thanks, @Kathy and @Jared. My ISA told me to expect it 3 days before, and made it sound like they need a few days for an e-payment to clear. I still have 3 hours until the 48-hour mark, Jared!

Jared | 12 luglio 2018

Good luck @CharleyBC! I wish it was my turn this week. ;-)

jimglas | 12 luglio 2018

Does a cashiers check work for pick up? They said they would need 3 days on a personal check and doesn't sound like that would be possible. Is there a way to wire transfer to my tesla acct?
and I am not a robot

Kathy Applebaum | 12 luglio 2018

@jimglas It may vary by state and amount. I financed through Tesla and the amount I needed to get to Tesla was under $10k -- they told me for that I could bring a personal check or a bank check. I chose to do the electronic transfer just to be sure -- posted to my Tesla account in under an hour.

jimglas | 12 luglio 2018

thanks! Sounds like a transfer to the tesla acct is the simplest way to go.
I am still not a robot

kimpowell | 12 luglio 2018

I pick up today and I got the email to pay Tuesday night around 8pm. Super easy!!!!!

CharleyBC | 12 luglio 2018

@jimglas, your frequent claims to not being a robot make me think you’re worried about becoming one! :)

Our transaction is cash. Supposedly Tesla will make some link appear on our page that enables us to enter bank info to pay electronically. You have to do this in advance, my ISA told me, which bugs me a bit—paying before I’ve approved or received the product. So the other option is a cashiers check, but that also takes time since we live in CA and we bank with USAA (TX).

@Kathy, it’s good to hear your e-payment posted within an hour. Our ISA said it might take a couple days, which is why I started getting nervous at T Minus Two (where T stands for Tesla).

jimglas | 12 luglio 2018

a little frustration with my inability to pick the pictures correctly and cycling thru multiple "I am not a robot" sequences.
I know its just me, but a bother

johnrhodeshaley | 12 luglio 2018

I'm still waiting on the final amount and paperwork. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow at 6:30pm.

feedpaula | 12 luglio 2018

@CharleyBC So glad you posted this. I'm totally stressing about the same thing. ISA told me final paperwork will show up 24-48 hrs before delivery. They want payment 3 days before delivery...WTF? I can't get my credit union to issue a check without the documents showing final price. Guess we need a time machine.

feedpaula | 12 luglio 2018

Do you get a email letting you know the documents are available? Or just keep logging on?

keithsun9 | 12 luglio 2018

Scheduled for delivery 7/14 morning as well, but no payment option on my side too.
I was told from sales rep after 55minutes wait on the call yesterday. He will leave a memo to ISA. BTW, i was confirmed that my car is in the delivery location already.

chrisberthkc | 12 luglio 2018

You will get an email. I am scheduled for pickup tomorrow at 4pm (eastern) and get my final paperwork via email about an hour ago.

feedpaula | 12 luglio 2018

Thanks chrisberthkc!

keithsun9 | 12 luglio 2018

@chrisberthkc that makes me feel better. Congrats!!!

Atoms | 12 luglio 2018

I’m scheduled to pick up tomorrow and I’m having trouble getting in contact with Tesla to update the financed amount. I was told they complete their end 72 hrs before pickup but it was only 48hrs and needs correction. I have no way to move Tesla faster but I have insurance paid for and have credit union lined up if I can contact Tesla. Yikes. I hope the bank can issue the loan check the same day as the pickup. Otherwise have to delay pickup.
Definitely some bottlenecks at Tesla. Nerve wracking for early adopters but a year from now things should settle down.

maintreqd | 12 luglio 2018

@CharleyBC from a story I was monitoring on facebook, a guy was taking delivery on a sunday and only on Friday did the EFT payment portal show up on his account page. The car was delivered and driven home on the day as planned, the funds didn't fully clear until the day after (monday). No issues other than his anxiety leading up to the moment the EFT portal opened up.

While not necessarily ideal it does seem Tesla is good at getting things done in the nick of time, so if you're keeping a watchful eye on your account page, you should be just fine!

quinney | 12 luglio 2018

I'm planning to pay by cashier's check also. I am wondering, if I do not receive my information in time to get a check for the exact amount, would they accept a check for almost the amount and accept credit card payment for the balance. Or, if my estimated check was for too much, would they give me change? Has anybody tried this?

CharleyBC | 12 luglio 2018

@quinney, I was thinking much the same. Except instead of credit card for a small difference, personal check or actual cash.

But @maintreqd's story above makes me think it'll still be okay to do electronically.

I don't see why they can't just give this stuff at the same time you get The Call. (BTW, that was our son's experience when he got his a few months ago.)

kozski | 12 luglio 2018

@CharleyBC I'm in the same situation as you...I got the call on 7/10 and scheduled pickup for 7/14 in Rocklin but no amount yet. In fact I saw on another thread that our cars are the same (Pearl white, aero, PUP, EAP with Vin 44xxx). Hopefully our xxx is different! As of Tuesday the car still needed to be transported but I don't know current status on that.

My ISA just told me that their contracts team is backed up, and confirmed that we can bring a cashier's check to the delivery appointment (so hopefully they will have the paperwork finished in time).

feedpaula | 12 luglio 2018

Wow, three pearls to be delivered 7/14 in Rocklin!

Kathy Applebaum | 12 luglio 2018

Shoot, I may have to drive my Pearl white / aero / EAP over to Rocklin on Saturday just to mess with you all. ;-P

cascadiadesign | 12 luglio 2018

Rule # 1 in business: Make it easy for the customer to give you their money.

Production hell has become delivery hell. Hopefully just a temporary situation until AI takes over processing the paperwork :)

pulsar2612 | 12 luglio 2018


Let your ISA know if you need the paperwork in advance to close on a 3rd party loan or something. I did and my ISA got the paperwork rolling about a week early.

You can pay by Official Check (banker's or cashier's check) or Wire Transfer. The Details of which are on page 7? of the "Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement" which appears in the side bar of your My Tesla account. I had to ask my delivery agent about that as I didn't know who to make the check out to...

ddusty53 | 12 luglio 2018

Im in the exact same boat. Pick up Saturday at 11am. Still no ACH transfer option available to me. I spoke with my ISA (via email) and she assured me that it will be open for me to pay tomorrow.

Originally she had said "about 48 hours" before. So i'm hopeful that I can still pick up Saturday... but freaking out a bit.

CharleyBC | 12 luglio 2018

Pearl White party in Rocklin Saturday!

@kozski, I'm glad you actually reached your ISA. Silence from mine.

So I just called my bank (USAA). I've missed the chance for a check to go out today (noon cutoff) via FedEx, and if it goes tomorrow, it's unlikely it'd arrive in time Saturday.

The USAA guy said there are multiple kinds of electronic transfers. I'm no expert here, but it sounded like the normal sort of e-check kind of thing like you might use on some normal purchase takes a few days to clear. But he said he thinks Tesla supports wire transfers, and that those move very fast. @Kathy Applebaum, you mentioned your money moved in an hour--was this the technique you used?

If they'd just open the money door, this would be easier. We may end up missing this delivery if we can't pull off the payment one way or another. It'd be their fault, but we're pretty excited to get our car!

@kozski, that's a hoot that we are exact car twins, almost down to the VIN. In my xxx, the first and the third x are the same number...

Kathy Applebaum | 12 luglio 2018

@CharleyBC I was able to input the amount, my bank's routing number and my account number on Tesla's website and they did the transfer. I think that counts as ACH? EFT? Something.

kozski | 12 luglio 2018

@CharleyBC, oh good they didn't sell us the same car after all! I wired the funds ($25 fee) from my online bank to my local credit union which is open Saturday morning. My online bank said funds transfer the same day as long as you meet their cutoff time.

I hope we can all join the party on Saturday!

CharleyBC | 12 luglio 2018

@Kathy, thanks! And you're sort of the official white leader for Sacramento. If it worked for you, it should work for me!

@kozski, ooo, good idea. My wife has a local Sac CU. I suppose we also could wire to there, and then go to a branch to get a check. I'm off to investigate their Saturday hours...

Tesla2018 | 12 luglio 2018

Its hard to figure out the exact amount since the fees and taxes vary depending on your state. I am transferring an existing registration and license plate so its $225 instead of $4xx for new ones. Then the weight of the car affects the registration fee and it is prorated baded on when your bithday is. If you do a trade they debit the amount of the trade from the price and base sales tax on that. In my county the sales tax is 7 percent due to 1% more that was voted to go to schools up to a certaint amount and then the regular 6% once the price is over 30K or some other amount.
Other states like VA or SC? charge an annual income tax on the value of the car. And NJ doesnt charge sales tax on electric cars.
So it is a pain to figure out the amounts. Also some places charge intangible taxes on the amount you finance. Its as bad as trying to figure closing costs on a mortgage in some cases. Plus most of the employees are newbies and may have experience only dealing with things in a specfic state in which they live. My rep is in CA so she has to learn the rules for each state.

CharleyBC | 13 luglio 2018

About 7:30 last night, payment stuff showed up. Yay! I paid right away online. I hope we’re all set for tomorrow’s delivery...

feedpaula | 13 luglio 2018

No e-mail, but my final documents showed up just now. Now need to figure out if my CU will issue a cashier's check to me. I'm getting an ulcer on this whole process.

ellahsue | 14 luglio 2018

I'm picking up my car tomorrow if all goes well. My ISA asked me to make sure my bank sent check and to bring a copy with me. When he asked me to put through my down payment on line through a transfer, I wasn't about to do that before seeing the car. Finally I was told I could bring a cashiers check to my appointment. Apparently a lot of people are paying 100% before delivery. That's what Tesla wants. That just doesn't work for me. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Tesla2018 | 15 luglio 2018

If you do a wire transfer it goes through in about an hour and is an individual transaction that goes through the Federal Reserve. They cost about $25 and most banks require you to be in the branch to do them. ACH transfers get lumped together and are sent as a batch at the end of the business day or at whatever the banks cutoff time is.
If doing an ACH on a Friday, make sure that its not pasts the banks cutoff time since if you it too late, it will consider it as a transaction dated Monday and might not go out until Monday night or possibly Tuesday morning so Tesla would still be waiting for your money to arrive. Also the Federal Reserve doesnt do wires on Saturday so if you it late on a Friday nite then Tesla wont get it until Monday morning.

Also since Tesla is on the West Coast if you wire the money at 9AM on Monday on the east coast, their bank might not be open for another 3 hours and wouldnt be able to tell your local or Teslas main accounting dept that the money was thete until after 12 eastern time.

hoffmannjames | 15 luglio 2018

I am a bit nervous. My delivery is tomorrow at 11am but my account still has nothing for me to pay online. My delivery specialist called me yesterday to say that my account would be updated within 24 hours of delivery. So what's going on? Tesla won't allow me to do a personal check because my down payment is higher than the amount that Tesla allows. I am assuming that when I get to the delivery center, they will allow me to pay online.

cascadiadesign | 15 luglio 2018

James - I take delivery next week & paying cash. If I don't get a total in time, I plan to take a cashiers check including sales tax + license fees for my State (estimated). I assume Tesla will take a personal check or ACH for the small difference if my estimate is off.

Kathy Applebaum | 15 luglio 2018

@cascadiadesign My ISA told me they would take personal checks for under $10k.