"Premium Connectivity (1 year included)"

"Premium Connectivity (1 year included)"

In the designer, For premium interior,

Premium Connectivity (1 year included):
Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
In-car streaming media
Over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi & cellular

Does anybody know when 1 year is over, what will go away or incur extra costs? Cannot imaging "Over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi" goes away or requires extra charges. But the way it is listed seemed to imply that.

Sslnight | 22 luglio 2018

No prices have been given to my knowledge. Wifi is enabled to update but i think basic “data” for updates still stays.

AJPHL | 22 luglio 2018

The premium connectivity is $100/year after the first year if you didn’t order by 7/1.

Chris35 | 22 luglio 2018

What does “premium connectivity” offer besides streaming music and traffic information? FWIW, you get those on most phones.

Uncle Paul | 22 luglio 2018

In the original Tesla Model S, they were also given free data for 4 years or so. Lots of posts at that time were wondering how much it would cost when that free period was over.

For those customers the free data has just continued year after year. While there are no assurances, the same thing could also happen for the Model 3 owners.

SpiritBear | 22 luglio 2018

According to Tesla, the difference between "Standard Connectivity" and "Premium Connectivity":

Standard Connectivity offers basic maps & navigation, music & media over Bluetooth® and software updates over Wi-Fi. Note: Important safety updates will continue to be available over the car’s cellular connection.

Premium Connectivity adds satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization, in-car streaming music & media, an internet browser (for Model S and Model X) and over-the-air software updates via Wi-Fi and cellular.

Chris35 | 22 luglio 2018

Forgetting the satellite view maps, which doesn’t seem to offer much, “premium connectivity” is the same thing you’d get on a phone using, let’s say, google maps and pandora. It would seem CarPlay offers the same service for free.

gcklo | 22 luglio 2018

With Wifi using phone tethering, can Model 3 get live traffic?

DNAPoPo | 22 luglio 2018

I believe so

jjgunn | 22 luglio 2018

It's WiFi so Yes. I've tried it, it works tethering my phone & putting the Tesla on WiFi.

Hope you have a lot of data available for that phone!

Chris35 | 23 luglio 2018

Lots of people have unlimited data.

ravisundaramam | 23 luglio 2018

@jjgunn: The data use for navigation, maps and traffic is minuscule. It is all text. Music streaming takes a bit more, about 5 MB per song. Video streaming is the most data intensive operation, taking 4 GB per 2 hour movie.

njchillie | 23 luglio 2018

@ravisundaramam Satellite images are not text and can consume a lot of data.

EVRider | 23 luglio 2018

I wouldn’t bet on using a WiFi hotspot to get Premium Connectivity features if you don’t have that option. Also, in the Model S, you can’t access WiFi while driving (not in my 2016 S85 anyway), so it might not work in the Model 3 either.

gcklo | 23 luglio 2018

Yes, I have unlimited data so it is great that I can save $100 / month.

I was very unfortunate. I should have received the invite email on Jun 27 but it went into my junk emailbox. Didn't realize I could order until I logged into the website on Jul 14.

gm_xeon | 23 luglio 2018

@gcklo I do believe you mean $100 per year!