"Reservoir" in rear passenger door?

"Reservoir" in rear passenger door?

After hours of heavy rain this past weekend, I opened the rear passenger door behind the driver's seat. Much to my surprise, water seemed to spill out of that door, as if there was a reservoir that collected all that rain water. I'm concerned about this and wondered if I should let Tesla know about it? My car is 3 days old.

David N | 23 luglio 2018

Ah, yes, let them know.

Carly | 23 luglio 2018

Thanks, I called them and they need to replace the "Body Seal" and will send a mobile service guy over. Nice!

Coastal Cruiser. | 23 luglio 2018

Maybe you can let us know what a "body seal" is, if it's different from a door seal. Thank you.

Carly | 23 luglio 2018

Tesla called back and they'll install it this weekend, I'll ask then.

mattjpeterson | 23 luglio 2018

I get the same thing on my passenger rear door. I've already been to the SC once and they didn't do anything about it. I'll try again once I know specifically what part to ask them to replace.

Carly | 2 agosto 2018

Tesla technician came and replaced the body seal aka door seal. He asked if I took the car to the SC. I said no, the problem was diagnosed over the phone. He said they shouldn't have done that, instead they should've asked me to take it to them to have it water-tested with their sprinkler.

silvanojr | 2 agosto 2018

I took my car to the SC and they told me it’s normal.

Hui_liang | 3 agosto 2018

yeah, I had this same problem. it’s called the primary body seal. it was falling off in two parts.

@Coastal if you sit inside the back seat of your Model 3 then you will see a piece of rubber running along under the fabric trim. that is the piece, at least in my case.