"Prepare for Delivery" button must be new?

"Prepare for Delivery" button must be new?

There is a "prepare for delivery" icon under my Tesla image after the "manage" button. Is this new?

When I click on it, it has the following steps:

"Next Steps
Here's what to expect before delivery

Order (Checked for me)

Prepare for Delivery - Enter your contact details and payment information (Not checked for me)

Appointment - Schedule your delivery appointment (Not checked for me)

VIN - Get your vehicle Identification Number (Not checked for me)

Payment - Review your details and submit your payment (Not checked for me)

Delivery - Take Delivery (Not checked for me)"

ajmayers | 16 agosto 2018

Hah i just posted about this. Same for me.

jacklondon413 | 16 agosto 2018

same for me, the prepare for delivery ahould be checked though since im sure we did that step by now.

WonkoTheSane | 17 agosto 2018

Just saw the same thing. My nephew is an East Coast, Day 1, non-owner 3D and got his VIN yesterday. I didn't reserve util October of 2016 and when I saw the new button I thought I was next.

joe.lynn.atp | 17 agosto 2018

Yes, I think it is just the webmaster having some fun with us: make any small change to the appearance and we all start looking at our driveways, certain that our cars were just delivered.

jon | 17 agosto 2018

I about freaked out with excitement then was horribly disapointed after clicking and seeing that just meant my order was placed. Damn them.

mikepisko | 17 agosto 2018

“Prepare for Delivery” is checked for me. Next step is schedule your delivery appointment. Are they messing with us or should we call to set up appointment when it says this step is next??


stacok | 17 agosto 2018

Just got this also this morning except delivery appointment is scheduled and checked. Next is VIn however, we signed the MVPA last night and it had our VIN listed...

gar1116 | 17 agosto 2018

Augghhh! So close!

mikepisko | 17 agosto 2018

Yes, VIN seems out of sequence from the steps we went through on our first Model 3. Maybe they are trying to discourage people for calling to see if a VIN is assigned and prefer they just wait for call instead.