AC Broke, less than a week old car

AC Broke, less than a week old car

I took the delivery of TM3 on 8/15 and today (8/22) the Air Condition is broke. It does not turn on and no air is blowing. All the controls works but no air comes out. Even the App's climate control shows I can turn on and off the AC but nothing happens in the car. Has anyone seen this problem?

Yesterday I did get a software update 2018.32.2.3817fdd but used the car the entire day without any problems. Just today morning after charging up the car in my garage I got in and realized that AC is not working at all.

jimglas | 22 agosto 2018

try rebooting the car

Magic 8 Ball | 22 agosto 2018

Sux if it is broken. Call service.

LT4BlueBird | 22 agosto 2018

Common issue on all cars. It sounds like a blower motor or blower motor resistor. Just the luck of the draw, I would rather have that issue than a defect in the powertrain, computers or motors. I am sure Tesla will fix it.

tony007 | 22 agosto 2018

Tesla contacted me and asked me to reboot the car. That fixed the problem. They confirmed that it's a firmware issue and their engineers are working on a fix that will be released soon.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 agosto 2018


esteban | 8 aprile 2020

The model 3 has a brushless blower motor. I don't believe it requires a blower motor resistor like most vehicles.

lbowroom | 8 aprile 2020

Yay, 2018!

Magic 8 Ball | 8 aprile 2020

Good times!

It's shark week everyone.

Xerogas | 8 aprile 2020

Ah, 2018, when we could still hug and go outside. Those were the days.