Jay Leno's Garage next generation Roadster

Jay Leno's Garage next generation Roadster

Showed Aug 23. Pretty short segment, but looks like Jay's impressed. Basically an intro with a short M3 drive, then on to the roadster with a test 0-60 acceleration with Franz driving. That's it. More to come, I guess. It does get it out there with the performance specs to a general audience.

steven | 23 agosto 2018

No new information disclosed then?

Doublelift | 24 agosto 2018

Nothing really. An interior shot, but Franz quoted the same specs as the reveal.

carlk | 24 agosto 2018

Just a nice publicity. Most people outside the Tesla circle I imagine probably still haven't heard or seen the Roadster.

sosmerc | 24 agosto 2018

Would be nice if Jay could dedicate an entire episode to this spectacular vehicle.

carlk | 24 agosto 2018

It would be nice but still too early to. The car is not in production yet.

sosmerc | 25 agosto 2018

When the time comes, it would be great for the show to compare the old Roadster to the new one.....that would really show how much progress Tesla has made from a performance standpoint.

flyfr8 | 25 agosto 2018

Looks like no info in front of the driver.
Would be nice to have a heads up display, seems like it could fit in nicely while still maintaining a steamlined look. | 27 agosto 2018

There is a small display in front of the driver. Just not shown in the video.

2018wesm | 5 settembre 2018

I want a documentary on this vehicle lol

timato | 21 settembre 2018

More details about the next-gen Tesla Roadster would most likely be revealed in the upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, particularly since the veteran talk show host has been largely supportive of Tesla over the years. Back in 2016, Leno noted in a segment on CNBC that Americans should be supportive of the California-based company.

“We live in a world now where every year, you lose about 5% of the new car companies. In the mid-teens, there were 350 car companies in the United States. Every year since then, two or three of them dropped out. I mean, just in my lifetime, we’ve lost Oldsmobile, we’ve lost Pontiac, we’ve lost Saturn. There’s a whole bunch that just disappeared.

“So here comes a brand new car company, so that’s impressive. It’s a tough business to get into; and the fact that Tesla is making a go of it and quite successfully, I think is impressive and should be applauded. We’re becoming like the British — we like noble failures. I would watch, listen to these radio talk shows just tear Tesla apart; and I go, ‘Here’s a guy, building an American car in America, using American labor. Why are you not rooting for it to be successful? Why do you wish it would fail?’ I don’t quite understand.”

nwondka | 5 novembre 2018

Will there be a production model that beats the Posche 2014 spider, which Wikipedia has in the historic top spot for 0-60 clocked at 2.2 seconds, Tesla Model S P100D w/Ludicrous in second place at 2.28 seconds?

steven | 16 novembre 2018

@nwondka: sorry, but have you read anything about the Roadster? The base car will do 0-60 in 1.9. That means the performance version (or whatever they are going to call it) will be faster. It will beat everything at everything! That is Elon's promise

watchyoutbe1 | 26 dicembre 2019

2020 set to arrive. I hope roadster ride is not far away. It has to be a bargain if it comes at estimated $200,000.

anantavemula | 27 dicembre 2019
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litacopeland7 | 7 maggio 2020

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chinwoo987 | 17 giugno 2020

i agree, Most people outside the Tesla circle I imagine probably still haven't heard or seen the Roadster.