X-country travel by EV

X-country travel by EV

X-country travel by EV
Just completed a 5,000 mile trip in my S 100D, the routing was Seattle, WA / Santa Fe, NM / Oshkosh, WI / Seattle, WA. Average daily distance traveled was about 450 miles, 225 miles AM and 225 miles PM, one stop around midday for lunch and Super charge up. Night stops were at hotels that provided EV charging facilities, full battery every morning.
For planning I used EVTRIP PLANNER.COM. The Tesla performed flawlessly. Don’t let anyone tell you that EV’s are not suitable for long distance travel.

SamO | 24 agosto 2018

That’s a cute trip. Hope you get serious about some real long distance travel. I’ve done 7500 miles in 10 days and 1250 mile days back and forth from LAX to Custer SD.


But yes, even more intense driving is quite possible with an EV. Check out Alex Roy’s cannonball record.

tes-s | 24 agosto 2018

3 outperforms the S for fast long distance travel, though the 100D is close.

S will need a bigger battery to reclaim the top spot. Increasing supercharging beyond 120kW would help even more.

Uncle Paul | 25 agosto 2018

As time goes on, charging will get quicker and range will increase.

Mike83 | 25 agosto 2018

We love doing long distance traveling like 2000 miles down to San Diego and up to Vancouver with side jaunts.
We love the EAP for this. We arrive so relaxed.
It is a good idea to take some exercise at Supercharging stops unless you need to eat or shop.
Its the only way to go(anyone recall that airline commercial with the bird sitting on the tail of the jet)

NOLEK SUM | 25 agosto 2018

Would be interested in hearing more about the Seattle-SF route. The planner on this website suggests 9 charge stops, or 3 per day. Did you do it with only one SC stop per day? That would be fantastic. It also indicates 29 hours including charging, but that would be reduced by the overnights. Google maps suggests 22 hours for the trip. Those numbers suggest a two day trip is doable ICE wise but not EV.

One downside is the hassle of finding hotels convenient to the route with overnight charging. Yes, a 100D with its range is “suitable” for long range travel but it is not yet as convenient or hassle free.

muddy | 25 agosto 2018

Having done cross country travel in both an MS85 and an MS100D, without a doubt the 100D gives us more route flexibility and less supercharging stops. But, the 85 really wasn't so bad. In either case a bit of exercise while supercharging makes for a relaxing trip.
Our usual daily mileage on a road trip is 575-600. Occasionally longer.
But, the if OP enjoys the journey at 450 mi/day? Why not?
Not everyone is cut out for those marathon driving session like you SamO. Or Bighorn or NYKTA.
Whatever your driving capability, your Tesla is up to the cross country task.

NKYTA | 25 agosto 2018

Muddy +4

sbeggs | 26 agosto 2018


Doublelift | 26 agosto 2018

We have traveled many thousand of miles on long distance road trips with our 75D. Not a single problem, concern, or trouble charging. Love the short stops to stretch while charging (generally twice a day). And new supercharger locations seem to be popping up all the time. Since we always have stopped for lunch during cross country trips, I'm not sure the charging time adds much if any time to our travels.

Goose | 26 agosto 2018

I have also logged many thousands of miles of Xcountry travel - in an S85 and now in a S90D - with no worries or issues.

As an aside, my wife and I frequently see other out-of-state Teslas on these trips. What occurred to us early on is that we have NEVER seen an out-of-state Leaf, Bolt, etc. Says a lot about charging infrastructure.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2018

Same thing I've observed Goose. I have seen and talked with travelers from BC, Montana, San Diego,Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and others who are really intelligent. Now I see many many Model 3s but the Supercharger Network is working great.

txakoli | 26 agosto 2018

@Muddy +6

My daily mileage limit is about 500 miles. Small potatoes compared to the three road warriors mentioned in Muddy's post.

For my S85, I find Bighorn's formula works well for a long, multi-supercharger daily trip: Total trip time (hrs) = Total trip distance (miles)/50.

Road trips in the Tesla are easy peasy.

NKYTA | 26 agosto 2018

@tx, you are a top 2%-er just by dint of Custer trips!

txakoli | 26 agosto 2018

@NKYTA. Ha ha. Perhaps. Rapid City, SD is the farthest east I've been in a Tesla far. ;)

NKYTA | 26 agosto 2018

I have hope,

NKYTA | 26 agosto 2018

And more hope.

Uncle Paul | 27 agosto 2018

Just did a Custer trip...on a Harley. Also needed to stop every 190 miles for fuel. Trust me, the Tesla is much more comfortable.

mrporter6 | 27 agosto 2018

I have a 2015 MS and will log 100000 miles by the end of sept and over half has been highway. First trip in 2015 was Seattle to Key West and return via Texas and California. Leaving on 20 sept for Asheville NC. Have not had one issue on the road. Best cruising car EVER.