I was reading and trying to compare Tesla warranty to other manufacturers.
Does anybody have real life experience of having to use it? Anything shareable?

bp | 30 agosto 2018

We're on our third Tesla.

Between the maintenance plan and the extended warranty, our primary maintenance cost is tire replacement, and if anything does break under the extended warranty (after 5 years/50K miles), we've paid the $200 deductible for repairs.

And because there are fewer moving parts, our Tesla vehicles have required less maintenance than our previous ICEs.

nrelia | 1 settembre 2018

I have a question for forum members along these lines. I own a model X VIN 404**. Had a front right axle problem at 15K that was replaced under warranty but other than that have had no issues . Just got second annual service at 30K and pretty much no issues. I drive about 25-30K per year and trying to plan ahead. Will be at 50K in an year or slightly less.

Should I go for extended warranty/ it will only last me 2 yrs , at the most 2.5 yrs.

Also front 20 inch tires with even wear 4/32 on outer middle inner aspect. rear is 6 even . Any recs for front tires , looking for longevity and cost effectiveness .