2 Days to the delivery, but no finance information is updated yet.

2 Days to the delivery, but no finance information is updated yet.

Pick up was scheduled on this Friday.
This is Wed night, but I didn't get any update about financing and payment.
I thought I have to confirm loans and make a downpayment before pick up the car, so I am nervous if I can really pick up the car on this Friday.
Can I do that at the pick up center?

callmehere | 5 settembre 2018

I got the final MVPA at 3:30PM on the day of delivery after multiple calls to my delivery specialist. Working with 3rd party banks can be really stressful since they always require that prior to sending out a cashier's check, and most won't do wires for some reason. The bank said UPS usually comes at 4PM, so I had 30mins to send the MVPA to them, have them do all the paperwork for the loan, and then take a picture of the check and tracking number to give to Tesla at my delivery appt 2 hours later. Was really stressful, glad everything worked out

davidahn | 6 settembre 2018

Did you reply to your email from Tesla financing to confirm acceptance of the loan? I'd forgotten to do that, but it took a couple of hours to lock in financing.

You can also do an ACH deposit of your down payment on the Tesla website too; easy peasy.

jimglas | 6 settembre 2018

I didn't get anything until I showed up for delivery, They did take a personal check.