Front end bra

Front end bra

I'm thinking of purchasing a "leather" bra for my Model 3 that I could put on for long highway trips. I wouldn't leave it on all the time for my daily around town driving because I think after several months or years, it would start to damage the paint. But I seem to get lots more dings, bugs and dirt across the front fender area on road trips and I thought a bra might be cheaper than a wrap. I haven't been able to find anyone who sells one for an M3. Has anyone explored this option?

derotam | 8 settembre 2018

Nope, I figure I am just going to do it right from the beginning and get the front wrapped. My existing car's bumper is trashed from my fault drive.

derotam | 8 settembre 2018


TranzNDance | 8 settembre 2018

Avoid the 80s look on a 21st century car. A wrap would protect it and make it easier to clean.

Daryl | 8 settembre 2018

I got the front of my Model 3 wrapped, and I'm not sure how useful it is.

I already have a couple of cuts in the wrap where stones have hit. I understand that without the wrap the dings would be in the paint instead of the wrap, and if I remove and re-wrap the front it will look as good as new again.

But the wrap was almost as expensive as it would be to repaint. A bra would be a lot cheaper and if only put on for highway trips (especially through Yuma where the bugs are thicker than air molecules) it might be a good option.

azdonna | 8 settembre 2018

On long trips, I'm not very worried about having an "80s look on my 21st century car". That's more around town, sitting next to someone at a stop light, or showing it off to friends and family, or having a stranger comment on it in a parking lot when I want it to look it's best. I think I would view a bra like some view the aero wheels: not the best look, but for long road trips, the benefit is worth that small detraction for a short time.
So I'd still like to find one.

AMAZEU | 8 settembre 2018

I put a bra on a car in the 80’s. It made a mess out of the clear coat especially where the seems were.

azdonna | 8 settembre 2018

@amazeu How many days did you leave it on?

marcog900 | 25 marzo 2019

Couldn’t agree more. Would do a leather bra for highway trips if there were one

Kary993 | 25 marzo 2019

I have not seen a bra like that for decades! Get a good quality wrap on the front and everything will be fine. I had a race car with a wrap and preserved the paint very well and it was abused at race tracks.

lilbean | 25 marzo 2019

It's called clear bra now.

ODWms | 26 marzo 2019

I had one on my 1985 Camaro! It did leave somewhat of a mess on the paint because I left it on too long though. I don't remember it being a big deal, but there was something there.

stevehendler | 26 marzo 2019

I've seen VW guys cover the lip, and other sensitive areas with painters tape on road trips. Some go crazy and do the whole front of the car.

PTdenver | 27 marzo 2019

there is temp film protection you can buy i used it on my RV's, I did buy a bra for my 3, you just need to know how to use and when to remove, they need to be tight or it will mess up paint , if it's tight and no movement your fine. 80's maybe but i'm fine with it, now if they would only make louvers for the 3 :)

sroh | 27 marzo 2019


Black bra, louvers, sheepskin seat covers and after-market rear view mirror that goes all the way across windshield with 5-6 sections.

Good old days...

jimglas | 27 marzo 2019

don't forget the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror

ODWms | 27 marzo 2019

@sroh, I had every item you mentioned in my ‘85 Camaro. Loved that car.

ODWms | 27 marzo 2019

I had the long, European vanity plate too.

vinceonthecape | 4 ottobre 2019

Saw one on Ebay. Looks like solid frontal protection. Also thinking about for long trips as.