"Ready for Delivery" and "In Pre Production" are apparently easily confused.

"Ready for Delivery" and "In Pre Production" are apparently easily confused.

I ordered my AWD Model 3 about six weeks ago and was given a window of September - November. Cool!

Then, about two weeks ago, the status changed to Late October. Still cool! (Now I know when I need to sell my current car by.)

Then, about two days late, I get a call saying my car will be ready for delivery the following week (this past week). Uh... cool... but now I need to get money together since I haven't sold my current car yet or had my charging station installed. Since I don't want to miss the opportunity to take delivery, I borrow the money and scramble to get an electrician out stat!

This past Tuesday, I get a call saying that my car will be ready on Thursday (the 6th) and that I need to schedule a time for delivery on Friday or Saturday. (Now, I'm getting excited!) We schedule for Saturday at 2:30pm and I'm pretty much counting down the minutes. (Also happens to be the day before my 40th birthday, so... best birthday present I've ever bought myself!)

On Friday (the 7th) at 4:50pm, I get an email saying that the team that projects when cars will be ready made a mistake and my car is still in pre-production. Not cool! And also, confusing! On Tuesday, the car was going to be ready for delivery starting Thursday and after the delivery window they gave me and less than 24 hours before my delivery appointment, it now hasn't even been built??? Does Tesla not know the difference between a car that's ready for delivery and one that is not yet a car???

On top of all of that, because they contacted me 10 minutes before the close of business on Friday, nobody has been available to return calls or emails. (I got an out of office email reply from the guy who had emailed me and nobody else is responding either.)

This is crappy service. I really expected more.

apodbdrs | 9 settembre 2018

Sounds to me that you are "whining"! Tell them you don't want the car now and get back to the end of the line! There are thousands of people that want their car NOW!

Crappy service, heck there are lines of people that wish they would be called this minute!