Forum for upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck?

Forum for upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck?

Was surfing for new information on this vehicle. Ideally it is released fairly soon, before I have to replace my aging and nearly worn out 97 V10 Dodge 2500 4x4. That vehicle cost $36.5k back in the summer of '96, back when gas was under $1/gal and when new it got around 10mpg - 14 mpg if you could keep above 90mph in the motor's powerband... Today, after a motor rebuild that truck gets maybe 9mpg.

Now it was my daily driver for 20 years, but it was getting tired and into the mechanical unreliability phase that is unsuitable for your ride to work. Last year I moved outside the city and my commute to work went from 10 miles one way to 30 miles. I knew I needed to get something with better mileage and while looking at various cars curiously decided to see what used Model S were selling for (back when they were released I was dismayed because the new cost was just too high to manage with other costs like mortgage etc on my income at the time). Well I found one for about half the new cost with 77k miles on it. I have been driving that P85 for a year and a half and almost 30k miles, its been great. And at current gas prices saves me about $5500 a year over driving my truck to work.

This week, my wife just put a deposit down on a Model X. Now, she does like the vehicle, but she is really expense shy despite the fact that its fairly well within our income levels. Fairly sure she'll go thru with it, though a day later she is having a buyer's remorse panic attack "What if I can't make it to work and back on a charge?", "I don't want to have to stop to charge.", and "I don't want the attention". I calculate that her 85 miles one way trip to her two day shift even with a 50% increase in power consumption in cold weather gives her 40 miles spare range, but as some of you know, emotional response and logic don't occupy the same temporal space.

Anyway, we're a family that has (within a couple weeks) 2 Tesla vehicles.

However, I still need a truck. Not want, need. This is still America, I live on acreage in the country, have things to haul I won't put in my S or the wife's X. Like crushed rock, logs, equipment, ATVs, 6 hyper shepherds. And we have a son about 4 years from driving and with eyes on my Model S for his first car. I figure by then Tesla will have that pickup on the market, I will hopefully be happy with it's capabilities to fill the role a family pickup does (ie, carry up to 6 people, or dogs as well as tow & carry stuff). Then, I can get that truck, the kid get's the then 9 year old Model S, my old truck gets donated to the gun range (and I get a lifetime membership) and everyone is happy.

So, tldr/ Can we get a forum to discuss this upcoming product and have official release information posted so we can stay up to date?

EVRider | 13 settembre 2018

Not going to happen until after the pickup is launched, maybe by the time they start taking reservations.

fritter63 | 13 settembre 2018

@saxxon - I'm in the same boat as you.

'99 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Long Bed 4x4 oh oh oh oh oh! 150K miles.

It made sense when we were in Denver (snow!) and I was still building furniture for myself (hauling oak boards up to 12' long).

But now we live in Cali, the house is full of furniture, and I work from home, so I mostly just drive around town. We have my wife's new Model 3 now for her to commute in and road trips. And now I'm driving her old '08 xB, which gets MUCH better mileage than that truck. So the 3 has actually saved us about $300/month in gasoline costs.

I'd love to get a Tesla truck, but can I really justify it these days? The old Dodge is still running strong, although it did cost me 3K in (somewhere delayed) repairs this year. So I may just be better to keep it in the barn for occasional use, and get myself a SR 3 when they come out.

But I sympathize with you. Have been a "truck guy" for over 30 years, it's hard to let go of that.

Will just have to wait see what the Tesla Truck actually is. | 13 settembre 2018

If you have the budget, consider the Tesla Semi! It will be out at least a year before the Tesla truck (maybe two years ahead). Of course you'd need to build a truck bed for the Semi, but would be a cool truck replacement! Up to 600 miles range, and you can haul 90,000 pounds - a bit more than those wimpy ICE trucks!

sosmerc | 13 settembre 2018

Be one heck of a "toy hauler".....and no doubt some rich gold chained dudes (you know, the guys with Cigarette Race Boats that run 100+mph and burn 100 gals/hr around Lake Havasu) will be dressing up their Tesla Semi with all kinds of trick features like "flame thrower barbeques" rolling hot-tubes, etc.

blue adept | 13 settembre 2018, @sosmerc

LOL! | 13 settembre 2018

If the X (at 5,000 lbs towing) can pull a 747, the Semi should be able to pull 18 747s in a row! Now that would be a sight to see. Talk about truck bragging rights :)

sosmerc | 14 settembre 2018

I have always wondered how many advance reservations Tesla would have received had they introduced a Truck (similar to F-150) BEFORE the introduction of the Model 3. I would think the demand would be more manageable because there would be no promise of a low priced vehicle...based on what people are used to paying for high end, feature-rich ICE trucks. I don't think there would be "production hell" issues and Tesla would likely make a larger profit per vehicle which is what they need to keep moving forward.

Tropopause | 14 settembre 2018

TT- The X towed a 787 but I get your point.

I really hope Tesla knocks it out of the park with the Pickup. | 14 settembre 2018

@Tropopause - Oops got that wrong - thanks!

saxxon | 14 settembre 2018

Unlike some, I would always advocate if you only have 1 vehicle, its a pickup with a quad cab or similar. When you have 1 vehicle and need to do it all, that's the only game in town. Even if I only haul stuff 5% of the time, when I do I don't want to be begging, borrowing or paying stupidly high rental prices.

Had a similar discussion about 7 seat vs 5 seat. There is no situation where you are loading your X and think "Damn I'm glad I didn't get the extra 2 seats" because the 3-4" cargo space height is rarely going to make much difference. However, Even if it is 5% of the time, you will encounter "Shit, I wish I'd gotten the 2 extra seats" because your are out camping with friends, their vehicle breaks down and suddenly everyone needs to pile in yours to get home in time for work/school tomorrow (going back later for the derelict).

sosmerc | 15 settembre 2018

Had a Ford F 150 Supercrew and it certainly met all of my needs, but got terrible mileage. I would love to have a Tesla in a similar configuration. The larger "frunk" combined with a bed would be very useful. The back seats could fold flat and there could be a "pass-through" option for carrying longer objects like skis or paddleboards. Could Tesla have simply used the X skateboard for this ? Or will the Tesla "pickup" be a new complete skateboard and body?

saxxon | 15 settembre 2018

I'm fairly sure from past comments by Elon that it would be a new frame. Honestly it has to be given they want to have it be something that contractors would use.

Excellent point about having the ability to open the back of the cab, folding seats to have a longer bed area. The question would be how to do that without it being hokey, leaky and have protection for the back of the rear seats.

I believe a partial answer would be to have the back of the cab wall fold down over the seats (or with them even) thus covering them with the back wall. The problem at that point is, you have an open interior (which is the case regardless, however the back of the cab is opened) - there would need to be a way to put a temporary back wall behind the front row. In inclement and cold weather having the back of the cab open to the elements won't do.

sosmerc | 15 settembre 2018

@saxxon.....The more complex the folding structures the better Elon likes it :)........or just say it can't be done and see what happens ! | 16 settembre 2018

I've found the ultimate truck design. I'm sure Elon and team are up to the task!

wharlos | 17 settembre 2018

Good one Tap, and I heard you charge it with your I-phone charger:)

saxxon | 17 settembre 2018

I was thinking of this on the way to work tonight.

One thing that would be an almost necessary option would be lift height. IE, pretty much any truck manufacturer has versions that are 2wd street vehicles for work, but lack off road suspensions. Then they have their 4X4 versions that have lifted suspension for ground clearance for recreational or work use on rough terrain.

Given the Tesla truck is likely to be AWD only, it makes sense that an equivalent lifted option is available. IE, my Dodge has roughly 12" ground clearance to the bottom of the differential. Tesla may have a bit different dynamic on the drive given the drive type. I'd be curious if they might consider a high center clearance arrangement like the Humvee (version 1) or an ATV where you have a motor and drive connected by CV joints to the wheel hubs so that the bottom of the vehicle's profile is an upside down V allowing you to clear large humps in terrain without hitting the center of the vehicle on them.

For instance, there is a startup competitor of Tesla's that is looking to release an all electric ATV next year with performance stats that are absolutely sick and totally overbear most any other ATV out there.

This uses the type of suspension I am talking about (4 wheel independent, CV linked drive), but it doesn't have the ground clearance that I'd want to see in a true 4X4 equivalent truck. If you can achieve the H1 clearance of 16 inches that would be outstanding - and I think totally achievable since there is no drive shaft to run front to rear, only getting the side to side clearance by avoiding a strait axle (sans using monster tires).

fritter63 | 18 settembre 2018


"I'd be curious if they might consider a high center clearance arrangement like the Humvee (version 1)"

Or... maybe it's time for in wheel hub motors? ON all four wheels, of course!

saxxon | 19 settembre 2018

Yes, that would be a better solution even, ability to control the power to each wheel for getting out of sticky spots as a side benefit. Hadn't heard much on hub motors since the Eliica, but then most of the EVs on the market I can't feign interest in. IE a Leaf... one look and I turn the page. Most manufacturers seem to have this idea that a battery car has to be fugly.

Uncle Paul | 19 settembre 2018

These heavy duty EVs will be fantastic. Applications for commercial, industrial and military will be world changing.

A huge problem for the military is maintaining a fuel supply line for all its thirsty vehicles. Maybe it would make sense to simply install a couple acres or solar cells and switch to quiet EV mode.

hoangy.vikhang | 21 settembre 2018

I think Tesla's pickup truck will be a quality car.

dlake | 17 novembre 2018

Dear Tesla designers (and Elon)-
My model S is almost 5 yrs old and I’m still grinning everyday. I’ve heard the comment about a cuberpunk pickup.
Please design the looks of the truck to be fairly conventional. Truck buyers in general are a conservative demographic. Getting them to go electric would be an accomplishment on its own.
If the pickup truck looks like most other pickups and has adequate range, it should be a huge success. I will buy one for sure. If the truck looks unusual, sales will suffer.
Thanks for reading.

NKYTA | 17 novembre 2018


If it could be.

jimglas | 30 luglio 2019

tesla truck must be the trigger for this spambot | 30 luglio 2019

Latest from Elon is the truck revel/announcement is 2-3 months away.

andy.connor.e | 30 luglio 2019

October/November sounds about right. Love to see the truck, but really want them to progress the Solar Roof.

PrescottRichard | 30 luglio 2019

Andy- just saw a headline from Electrek saying they are ramping up to 1000 solar roofs per week. So prolly at least 100 or so / week soon :)

andy.connor.e | 30 luglio 2019

Yes! i want more realistic pricing though. I had an assessment done a couple months ago, and was told to check back again next year when the roof is being installed in my area.