Windshield Crack

Windshield Crack

Yesterday while driving home I heard a loud pop on the front corner of the car. No objects were observed hitting the car. When I inspected the car on arriving home I found a crack on the windshield in the upper left corner. It is now about 18 inches long.

After performing a search on the internet, I found a few videos on youtube of owners having the same experience. Oddly enough the cracks are in the same location coming down from the top left corner. I have filed a claim with against my Geico auto coverage. Safe Lite called me and informed me it may be a few months before a replacement can be obtained.

The reason I am sharing this is that I have suspicion this is a manufacturing defect due to stress on the glass in this corner. I am looking to find out if anyone has been able to get Tesla to replace as a defect? My coverage has a $500 deductible. Has anyone had a similar experience and advice on handling the claim?

emeralda2 | 14 settembre 2018

Sorry to hear that.

Not sure about windshield crack, but my 3 mo old M3 is in the service center for the front glass roof panel replacement (under warranty). 8 inch crack that originated at the center of the roof progressing rearwards. Several early VINs had the defective roof panel and ended up failing in the exact same region.

Hopefully you'll get more informative responses if someone has indeed had an experience similar to yours.

Regardless, maybe worth a call to Tesla to hear what they think?

sroh | 14 settembre 2018

Yep, sorry to hear that. It certainly can't hurt to call Tesla, tell them it wasn't from a rock and see what they say.

Wrt insurance, we have previously had a $500 comprehensive deductible on our cars. But with reports of windshield cracking, glass roof cracking, and people smashing in the quarter window to see if there is anything to take from the trunk, we lowered our comprehensive deductible to $100. The increase in premium was pretty negligible.

suren.petrosyan | 14 settembre 2018

Sorry to hear. A rock chipped my windshield on the 8th day of owning my car. i had the windshield repaired for $60. The crack is visible but not as bad as before the patch. One thing I did hear is cracks on any of the edges aren't safe to repair so you'll want to get it replaced. Good luck.

The_Flash | 15 settembre 2018

Sorry to hear about your issue. that sucks. I actually had my windshield cracked as well, and I too have Gieco insurance..
1 thing I want to mention.. Satellite does not have the windshield and Tesl does not replace the windshields anymore.. They referred me to Primer Auto Glass, who replaced the windshield 2 days after me calling them.. they pickup the windshield from Tesla.. Very easy process.. You pay for everything and then you get reimburse from Gieco.

gmr6415 | 15 settembre 2018

HMM. The last two states I've lived in, Virginia and Florida, require insurance companies to replace windshields free of deductible. I now see advertisements where companies will not only replace your windshield at no cost they will pay you for your cracked windshield.

I assuming all the above would apply to a Tesla. I hope not to have to find out though.

AOK1 | 2 gennaio 2019

I was on the highway and heard a small pebble hit my windshield, it didn't sound hard enough to cause a chip, but sure enough, with only 285 miles on the vehicle, it now has a chip in it. I'm going to have it patched and hope that is the end of it.

lbowroom | 2 gennaio 2019

There isn't a strong correlation between how a pebble sounds when it hits the windshield and the likelihood of a crack. In fact, the smaller and sharper the projectile, the more likely it is to crack it. A larger, flatter impact will sound heavier and louder but be more likely to bounce off. Many people imply that somehow this is related to Tesla, it's not. It was just your day. My windshield cracked on a Tuesday, hmmm I never cracked my windshield on a Tuesday with my other cars.... Tesla must have special weak glass that cracks easily

cathyoneilmd | 18 marzo 2019

Front windshield is defective and Tesla Service will not acknowledge or correct the problem. Others have reported the Back windshield has distortion. Our front windshield cracked three days into having the car. Now, we have many cracks in the windshield and another crack all the way across the bottom of the windshield in the . Tesla will not acknowledge a defect. Poor customer service!!

tyson | 18 marzo 2019

I noticed a 4 inch crack in the bottom left side of my rear window and I've only had my M3 for 5 weeks. I did not call my insurance company and just made an appointment with Tesla. They txted me back this morning for a picture and are ordering the replacement. No problem.

M3BlueGeorgia | 18 marzo 2019

Which Service Center did you visit? If you are in MD, consider a different SC.
Also what was their reasoning? Do they find stone damage you haven't seen, or might disagree with?

ncancilla81 | 18 marzo 2019

@The Flash

I also got referred to Primer Auto Glass for my cracked windshield. I’ve been waiting two months

charles.a.braun | 19 marzo 2019

The windshield on my wife's Model S cracked yesterday. It was already extremely pitted and needed replaced anyway so now is the time.

I was hoping to see something on the BlackVue to see if there was any outside influence that cracked it. I found that at 12:46 (while the car was parked) the windshield was fine. Then at 12:48 (still parked) the crack was there). So the crack happened at 12:47 (while the car was parked) but there was no outside activity that would activate the dashcam so the actual moment that the crack appeared did not show up on video.

It wasn't all that hot yesterday, lower 70s perhaps and cabin overheat is on so the inside of the car should not have exceeded 105.

I am sure if I take it to Tesla that they will say one of the many chips/pits was the cause so I am not even going to bother. Have an appointment with safelite to replace tomorrow.

steve.harman | 7 aprile 2019

The front windshield is definitely defective on my 3 week old 2019 Tesla Model 3. Nothing hit my windshield at all and no sign of any impact. There is a fine crack from the rear view mirror area all the way to the driver side corner. Now I can see how thin the windshield glass actually is and it’s half as thick as a normal windshield. It is a real safety issue and I will be calling Tesla service center to get it replaced and hopefully get a thicker stronger windshield all under the warranty.

aalay_kapadia2008 | 29 aprile 2019

I was about to leave for office in morning and saw fine crack on my windshield ; no object or accident impact. There is a fine crack from the rear view mirror area all the way to the driver side we know the reason for this happening? is this something due to sudden temperature changes? i have schedule for service. hope to get better windshield soon.

normall1999 | 14 maggio 2019

Today was my turn for a small pebble to impact my '17 MS windshield. Within 15 minutes I called my insurance (AIG) and Safelite. AIG also recommended Safelite. One hour after I called, a mobile Safelite arrived and 20 minutes later the repair was completed. Only I can see the repair, because I know where to look. It's almost 90% disappeared. The great news was AIG paid the $178.73 bill with no deductible. For those that think "no object" hit their windshield, take the tip of a safety pin or any pin and see if you find a small crater near the crack. It can be very small and that's where a pebble hit your glass. It can be that small to crack a windshield. | 14 maggio 2019

@aalay - Normal temp changes do not cause cracks by itself. Now if you're in freezing temps, and pour boiling water on the windshield, it's likely to crack.

There have been a few rare cases of a manufacturing defect at the edge of the glass that over time causes a crack (true of all manufacturers). These sort of issues usually turn up in the first few weeks of ownership, and can be caused by normal temp changes. The longer you have the car, the less likely this is the cause. Also if it doesn't start from the edge of the glass, then this is not the cause.

lbowroom | 14 maggio 2019

Meteorite strike

lordmiller | 14 maggio 2019

Now they think Tesla will make them a special "thick" window? Morons, I mean really I hope they're joking! | 14 maggio 2019

Well, you can get an armored Model S:

Perhaps they can make the armored glass for the Model 3. Suspect the cost is in the $75-100K range on top of the cost of the car. Also side windows will no longer roll down.