Is it possible to retain solar water tubes with Tesla roof tiles?

Is it possible to retain solar water tubes with Tesla roof tiles?

Hi. We currently have solar hot water tubes on our roof feeding the appropriate tank, but are planning to have Tesla PV solar roof tiles when they finally arrive here in Ireland. Does anyone know if it’s feasible to retain the hot water system when we replace the roof- are they compatible? I realize that it’s compromising the aesthetic of the Tesla roof, but the cylinders are very efficient at producing hot water. Ecology is the primary concern.
Any knowledgeable views would be most appreciated, and I’d particularly like to hear from someone who has done this. Thanks!

rlwrw | 3 ottobre 2018

If the water tubes block the sunlight from the roof tiles, the tiles will not generate much electricity at all.
You will want to move the tubes to another location if you install the solar roof tiles or just leave the tubes where they are and install solar panels in another location.

sashton | 5 ottobre 2018

It really depends on how much you have already invested in your solar hot water system. The electricity you produce from PV is far more useful than the hot water produced by your solar hot water system. If you are lucky enough to have a considerable excess of PV electricity in the summer months you can even intelligently control an immersion heater using one of the many smart control devices available. So if you only have a few tubes and a secondary coil in your tank and if there is competition for roof space then I would seriously suggest you ditch your tubes. If you have a more comprehensive solar hot water system e.g. 20+m2 tubes; thermal store supporting your heating system then it isn't such an easy decision.
Hopefully you have enough real estate to support both.
If I was starting from scratch I would be concentrating on installing the largest PV system I could justify based on projected need. Later, as I don't have net metering, increase self consumption by home battery. Even then, other than for really basic systems, I would not consider solar hot water as it so very rarely is cost effective.
We have 30m2 evacuated tubes and two 2000l thermal stores supporting UFH, DHW and rads. It does mean the boiler runs for less than 100 hours/year but it will NEVER pay for itself but 12 years ago when I installed it cost the same as a 6kWp PV system. Now it could pay for a 30kWp PV system. PV is so cheap now that often cost is not a limiting factor (export limitations, available space etc. ).
Your mileage may vary based on your geo but this is the way the market is generally going.

mystoneguyindallas | 8 ottobre 2018

A friend of mine patented a solar collector system in the 70s that use a cylindrical fresnel lenses to focus light to a small focal point. He was one of the first pioneers of solar thermal energy. Depending on the track of the sun to your roof you could utilize a small area for water heating and not impede much on the solar production of the tiles involved.