Anyone notice that it no longer says "Model X" in the center pillar door frame when the falcon doors open?

Anyone notice that it no longer says "Model X" in the center pillar door frame when the falcon doors open?

Has there been anything written in regards to why Tesla removed the "Model X" insignia on the inside of the falcon wing door frame up top? All of the Model X's that I had been in had this so when you get in the car it says Model X over your head (this is not on the door but on the center pillar, facing the passenger). On the newer Model X's (like the one I have) this has been removed. It's too bad because I thought it was kind of cool. Perhaps there's an aftermarket item that I can use to put this back.

Anzir | 14 ottobre 2018

Check they have vinyl decals. It's not as stock looking as from the factory but it's an option. They stopped around June production with the "Model X" badging.

scotteeboy71 | 14 ottobre 2018

Thanks Anzir. I wonder what the reasoning was being that? I actually like the Model X badging in there.

Anzir | 14 ottobre 2018

Like anything else: cost saving measure. Most people liked it too.

avesraggiana | 14 ottobre 2018

I've also noticed "decontenting" in other areas, namely paint being applied very thinly with no gloss in areas like deep inside the door frames where the door hinges attach, at the base of the windshield covered up by the bonnet, etc.

It's disappointing because I remember the first Model X100D we acquired for my mum. That was a jewel indeed, with a beautiful paint finish from bumper to bumper, and very few quality control lapses when we took delivery.

When my dad totaled my mum's Model X, we replaced it with another Model X100D configured in exactly the same way. The decontenting is evident in this build. Still a beautiful vehicle, but not the standout jewel that our first Model X100D was.

lilbean | 14 ottobre 2018

Typical. Cutting costs and raising prices. :(

scotteeboy71 | 14 ottobre 2018

Yeah, it looks way better with it. I checked on some of the after market sites and I can't find anything that you can put that would bring that back..

avesraggiana | 28 ottobre 2018

@scotteeboy71. That’s too bad. Not even RPMTesla?

scotteeboy71 | 28 ottobre 2018

Hey @avesraggiana- no, they don't seem to have anything, not specifically to solve this issue.

sschaem | 29 ottobre 2018

Penny pinching cost cutting on a car that cost on average $120,000 ?!?

This is insane... no way Tesla is trying to save a few $ on a very limited production 6 figure car.

avesraggiana | 29 ottobre 2018

@scotteeboy71. Oh, too bad, but thank you.

@sschaem. Completely unwarranted, I agree, to de content a very expensive vehicle’s already spartan interior. Just a small thing to delete, but so noticeable to people who know. Rather ruefully I’m wondering if it was the penny-pinching here and there, the staff reductions, and the resource-stretching ramp up in Model 3 production that enabled Tesla to produce a profitable Q3 report.

avesraggiana | 29 ottobre 2018

Also check out the paint finish in the forward door frame just behind the front fenders, only noticeable when you open the door - in ours, the paint job looks incomplete, with a matte finish, instead of the gleaming, high luster gloss that covers the rest of the car, like they didn’t bother to finish the paint process in those “inconspicuous areas.” In my mother’s previous X100D, the entire car, even concealed surfaces not immediately visible, was lacquered meticulously with that gorgeous metallic red finish.

I miss the meticulous attention to every detail that was evident with my mum’s previous X100D, which was delivered to us in late 2017. Her replacement July 2018-build replacement X100D looks hurriedly assembled in comparison, probably because all available hands at the factory were thrown on the M3 production ramp up.

And don’t get me started on that cheap feeling vegan leather that now wraps the steering wheel.

keiki | 29 ottobre 2018

I also love my self adjusting rear spoiler that seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

keiki | 29 ottobre 2018

Oops, I have the P100D in Red.

sschaem | 29 ottobre 2018

The self adjusting rear spoiler was indeed a really nice touch. Thats its now "welded" in the up only position is sad.

At least the WFC are still motorized ...

Uncle Paul | 30 ottobre 2018

All manufacturers, with high demand products, are constantly looking for ways to get them out the door faster.

Competition will also mandate cost reductions when possible.

lilbean | 30 ottobre 2018

Tesla used to take pride in the details. Corners have been cut for the Model 3. Sad.

Madatgascar | 30 ottobre 2018

Corners needed to be cut for Model 3. This is the X forum

scotteeboy71 | 31 ottobre 2018

Yeah good point @madatgascar. That said, I have a Model 3 too. And they've done a pretty damn good job on it. And they haven't removed any of the Tesla badges either. Would seem to me that this would be the perfect after market opportunity though. Maybe I'll reach out to RPM Tesla. That said, this wasn't a sticker it's actually part of the center piece up there.

lilbean | 31 ottobre 2018

Good luck with RPm.

colorczar | 1 novembre 2018

I fail to see how completely replacing the branded trim with an unbranded trim saves tesla significant $. (unless there's a plan afoot to change the model name to something other than "Model X", sometime in future when such a part could be used to service both sides of the transition & reduce the diversity of their parts inventory - or if there's some benefit/limit to branding (trademarks?) in international markets).

jenmarsile | 15 dicembre 2018

I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread. I searched for an answer to this for weeks after taking delivery of our Mode X in July. The branding was one of the “cool touches” I noticed during our test drive in May (we ordered that same day). Was sad when I didn’t see it on our MX. My delivery experience was also very anti-climatic and totally rushed due to delivery of M3’s literally just beginning in mass quantities.

avesraggiana | 17 dicembre 2018

@jenmarsile. That was our experience too in July this year. Still friendly staff, but the whole thing seemed a little rushed and very perfunctory.

And our brand new Model X, instead of being presented to us in a "delivery studio," was parked outside in a crowded parking lot, amid a sea of Model 3s awaiting delivery.

sreeramk08 | 17 dicembre 2018

Pictures?? I looked back at the pics of the model x I took in the tesla showroom and i cant see where it says Model X. that car was supposedly in the showroom for months and so must have been a early 2018 model.