How to get a patent into Tesla

How to get a patent into Tesla

I have a patent that extends the range of a vehicle by 200+ miles, how do I get tesla to notice me?!

GHammer | 6 novembre 2018

Whats the patent number?

reed_lewis | 6 novembre 2018

First.. I doubt it.

Second... Does it involve windmills, alternators, multiple batteries, turbines, or the like? If so, you do not have anything useful.

Third as @hammer @OR-US asks. What is the patent number? If it is an idea, that is not a patent, but an idea.

A patent is a specific thing which has been published or applied to be published.

maztec | 6 novembre 2018

Steps to ensure Tesla notices your totally-awesome range-doubling patent:

0) Research Tesla's patent policies: and Understand that Tesla will release your patent to the public for free, if it chooses to use it.
1) Patent it! Get a patent number.
2) Develop a prototype - even better if you implement it on your existing Tesla!
3) Drive your prototype, film it, record the impact of your implemented technology.
4) Share the video on Twitter to @ElonMusk and an email to
5) Try to get a job at Tesla with your skills, show your prototype as a sample of your work:
6) Drive down to Palo Alto, go to Tesla headquarters. Walk in, ask for an appointment with someone in engineering. Have your elevator pitch prepared, shoot it at them and show them the strong positive, reliable, repeatable results of your technology.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

polar.alliance101 | 6 novembre 2018

Thanks for all the replies, reed lewis why do you think that implementing alternators is a waste of time?? My prototype proves differently. Also id put the patent number but do any of you work at tesla?

GHammer | 6 novembre 2018

No we do not work at Tesla but my wife is a patent agent and if you give me your patent number I may be able to help direct you.

TabascoGuy | 6 novembre 2018

Wait, what? You posted "How to get a patent into Tesla" but you're hesitant to share the patent number because one of the people that replied may be an employee.

bish | 6 novembre 2018

@science is better,
The op wants to add alternators to increase range. Please add him to the list.

polar.alliance101 | 6 novembre 2018

@TabascoGuy Im hestitant to just share the patent with just any body id like the person to be a tesla eployee. Also it uses alternators but in a different way then they are normally used.

jordanrichard | 6 novembre 2018

Ummm, an alternator is driven by a belt. You do know that an alternator adds drag to an engine, right?

GHammer | 6 novembre 2018

@polar.alliance101 "Im hestitant to just share the patent with just any body id like the person to be a tesla eployee."

You do realize that once a patent is granted, or even applied for, that protects you from anybody copying it. That's what patents are for. Patents and Patent applications are public knowledge. Please share, we'd love to see it.

Xerogas | 6 novembre 2018

@polar.alliance101: plenty of Tesla employees read this forum. Post your patent number and they’ll see it. In addition, to really get some interest, post your proof of concept with documented evidence.

My company sells software to Tesla...if your idea is valid, I’m sure I could make some calls.

Xerogas | 6 novembre 2018

@polar.alliance101: a couple months ago you created a thread about trying to sell a patent to Tesla. That went nowhere. You also said this in yet another thread “I am 22 female and I don't know an answer to this question because I am not a mechanic or car fanatic.” at the tender age of 22, without knowing anything about mechanics or cars, you have invented (and patented!) a device that defies the laws of thermodynamics?


Xerogas | 6 novembre 2018

@jordanrichard: "Ummm, an alternator is driven by a belt. You do know that an alternator adds drag to an engine, right?"
But...but...this alternator uses GEARS! Totally different.

reed_lewis | 7 novembre 2018

Alternators require work to make electricity. There is no 'free lunch' where you get free power without causing drag on the forward motion of the car. Look at it this way. If it takes a certain amount of power to propel the car forward at 60 MPH, if you added anything to the gearing it would cause more power to be required to propel the car at the same speed because of the extra load from the device. But the issue is that you will never get back that extra power required to propel the car because of mechanical losses. It is impossible to produce power from nothing. It does not exist or happen!

Furthermore, when braking, the car already regenerates power to the battery.

But if you already have a patent with a number (which is what a patent is), then give it to us and we will either tell you that it is useless, or congratulate you on figuring out how to beat the laws of thermodynamics!

jordanrichard | 7 novembre 2018

Xerogas, OOOOHHHHHHHH!, what was I thinking.... :-) Silly me.

David N | 7 novembre 2018

“I have a patent that extends the range of a vehicle by 200+ miles, how do I get tesla to notice me?!“

It’s pretty simple. Put your invention in a Tesla(or any EV) drive it to Tesla headquarters, show any and all that are willing to look at it and word will eventually make it to JB or Elon.
If you think that you simply present something(idea or a patent) and then someone else is going to do all the hard work and spend tons of money for your benefit, then you have no clue how business works.
Good luck!

David N | 7 novembre 2018

Elon has a standing policy concerning people like you.
Make a working copy, send it to them to evaluate.
( no ideas, no drawings, no spreadsheets, no patents), has to be a working copy of what your proposing.
That’s been Elon’s position for over 6 years now. Do you know how many out of the hundreds who have a better idea for Tesla have presented a working copy to Tesla? ......none, zero.
I have a feeling you are one of them also.
Keep working and get that working copy to them ASAP.
Anything less, your just blowing hot air.

polar.alliance101 | 7 novembre 2018

That's great news then because I have a working prototype that I am waiting to get shipped to me from my engineer. Where do I send it to, to make sure it gets to Elon do you know? To everyone else the patent is provisional so its not going to show up on to UPSTO site. And yes @xerogas im saying that at 22 with barely any knowledge of mechanics or cars, but a lot of knowledge in physics I figured out how to do this. I am aware that alternators create resistance but it depends on how its engineered to how much resistance it causes and its not enough resistance to put this invention out of the question.

jlhm | 7 novembre 2018

@polar, if you have the knowledge of physics you say you have then you should know that the energi it takes to convert energi from one type to another will always be more than the energi you will get from it.

polar.alliance101 | 7 novembre 2018

Like elon said if its important enough to you, you do it even if the odds aren't in your favor. @jlhm that would fall under the laws of thermodynamics, in witch yes I guess technically this would be defying both the first and the second laws. Laws are meant to be broken am I right? Haha

polar.alliance101 | 7 novembre 2018

Look, if this actually works to the point of getting it into teslas cars im going to s*** my pants just as much as all of you are

Xerogas | 7 novembre 2018

Magnets! How do they work?!?

@polar.alliance101: attach your invention to a Tesla. Drive it to Fremont from 500 miles away (without recharging), and ask their technicians to pull the logs to prove it. That will get their attention.

“alternators create resistance but it depends on how its engineered to how much resistance it causes and its not enough resistance to put this invention out of the question”

Sorry, but *any* resistance invalidates your invention. Your physics background should tell you that.

I have several actual granted patents, but none of them violates the laws of thermodynamics. Ironically, if you had claimed your invention increased range by 5%, rather than 200 miles, lots more people would be interested. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

jlhm | 7 novembre 2018

I guess polar is going to get the Nobel prize in physics :) | 7 novembre 2018

Since @polar is not saying how it works, perhaps you create a mini-black hole, toss the alternator into the hole. With an attached to a string to the alternator, with the other end wound on a pulley attached to a generator. It should generate quite a bit of power so long as the string doesn't break or run out. You heard it here first :)

GHammer | 7 novembre 2018

"To everyone else the patent is provisional so its not going to show up on to UPSTO site"

@OP I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but a provisional application for a patent is not a patent. It's only an idea you have paid to protect for 12 months and from what you've said so far you should immediately stop spending any more time or money on it because it will not work. If you are paying an engineer to build a prototype he is stealing your money because he knows it wont work. I would still be interested in knowing what you think is so different about your idea from the thousands of people that have already tried this, post the application number, I'll find it.

reed_lewis | 8 novembre 2018

As others have accurately said..... There is no way to generate more power from a system than what you put into the system. If you put a certain amount of power into the motors to propel the car forward, and that power is consumed by the motors and converted into work, the power is consumed by friction, moving the car, air, etc.

There is absolutely no way to get any power back as electricity without using more power.

The only way that I could see the Tesla generating more power than they do now would be when braking. Tesla could increase the regeneration level when braking which would result in the car stopping more aggressively. This has been done by a few people who have access to the cars, but would not increase the range by 200+ miles. And it would be useless when driving on the highway because you do not brake when travelling at 65 MPH.

So @Polar, I would suggest that your idea is not feasible and that your engineer is ripping you off.

...And laws may be made to be broken, but not laws based on science.