Tesla called to tell me they need to replace one of my Powerwalls

Tesla called to tell me they need to replace one of my Powerwalls

Anybody get a call from Tesla that they are "proactively" replacing a Powerwall because they believe it is not working as well as it is supposed to? They wouldn't say what was triggering this replacement or what the issue was, but they want to come out as soon as possible to replace. "But don't worry, not a safety issue" they say.

Tman99 | 16 novembre 2018

Perhaps you have a PW1 and they are looking to upgrade you to a PW2? When was your install?

ebender888 | 26 novembre 2018

have PW2. doesn't matter, as now i have almost 1 year newer than before.

steve.oohh | 27 novembre 2018

I also just got this call...I have a PW2 it is maybe a year old now? Any info? I am going to call them back at my lunch break.

lilbean | 27 novembre 2018

Wow! You get replacements while I can’t even get the one I ordered. Nice!

ripatriot | 27 novembre 2018

no wonder there is a supply shortage.

eml2 | 29 novembre 2018

Could be due to coolant pump failure. I have 2 Powerwall installed Sep 2017. One of them was replacement in Feb 2018 due to the coolant pump. The other one was acting up last month. It will be replaced tomorrow.

PFP | 30 novembre 2018

How did it "act up"? Are these things not serviceable? I mean its great that they gave you a new one but that's expensive for them. I assume thought that they would fix it and use it some how. I wonder when they will start selling factory Reconditioned Units and maybe I can get a price cut. LOL! It might be that long before they get around to me.

ebender888 | 6 dicembre 2018

the crew that replaced couldn't/wouldn't/didn't say anything about the reason, so still have no idea why. seems to be working fine, but thought it was before as well!