Condo charging with demand charge controller box

Condo charging with demand charge controller box

Does anybody have experience with the DCC-9 demand charge controller manufactured by Thermolec?

If your condo's electrical meter is near your parking spot, the DCC box can be installed next to your meter in the building's electrical room.

The advantage is there is no need to run conduit up to your condo's electrical panel, which is definitely not an option in high-rises.

Any feedback is appreciated.

milesbb | 8 novembre 2018

The other advantage is this does not overload your condo's electrical system, or require a system upgrade. It only powers your car when your loads are lower. I think this will be a big product as more and more condos try to accommodate EV owners. Seems like the EV feeder breaker should be accessible without removing the cover.

MyModelY | 11 novembre 2018

Thanks. I’ll be watching with interest to see how this develops.

esmith8 | 21 maggio 2019

I am currently in the planning and permitting process of having a Tesla wall connector installed in my parking space in a condo garage. My electrician will be using the Demand Charge Controller (DCC). I think this might be the only way possible to do this while still using my existing electrical meter with 100 amp service. My electrician says he has already installed a few of these DCC units.

The condo board has approved the installation and my electrician is currently obtaining the necessary permits and arranging a concrete coring subcontractor. Just a couple of things to think about if you are considering this in a condo: if a suitable wiring chase can't be located from the electrical room to the parking garage, a concrete coring contractor will be required to drill the hole in the concrete floor and that also requires an x-ray to ensure that rebar or other structural members are not damaged.

Also, here in Colorado there is a state law allowing condo owners the right to have this installed in their parking space as long as the unit owner pays for installation and electricity - there is something else in that law also though - provide a certificate of insurance naming the association as an additional insured on the homeowners policy for any claims related to installation, maintenance or use of the ev charging system - or - in my case because the wall connector is installed on a wall of the garage adjacent to my space and the wall is a common element - reimbursement to the association for the actual cost of any increased insurance premium amount attributable to the system. I don't know what this amount is yet.

I will tell you the breakdown of costs associated with this project so far because I was never able to locate a realistic figure until I had an actual estimate from a licensed electrician, although your experience may vary.
As of May 2019 in Denver, Colorado -
Tesla Wall Connector - $500. plus sales tax
Electrician fees -$2800. includes labor and DCC plus wiring and conduit for 150 feet distance from my parking space to my electric meter
Concrete X-ray and coring - $500.

Good luck! I love my 2019 Tesla Model 3.

milesbb | 25 maggio 2019

@esmith8, congratulations on getting this plan together. Your costs seem reasonable. I assume others in the Condo will follow your example. What charge current are you expecting to get from this setup?

MyModelY | 6 agosto 2019

Hi @esmith8, thank you for your details.

Can you tell us, now that you've had this for a few months, is charging with the DCC working well for you?

Have you ever had the DCC stop charging your Model 3 because you're using all the electricity in the condo?
If so, did the Model 3 automatically resume charging once your condo usage drops, or was manual intervention required to restart the charging?

Thanks, I hope you see this!

mujherangderang... | 20 agosto 2019

Have you ever had the DCC stop charging your Model 3 because you're using all the electricity in the condo?

my issue got solved!

stuart.h.myers | 25 agosto 2019

@esmith8, I am also a denver condo owner trying to get an install for EV charging. Can you tell me which electrician you used? Did your HOA board put up a fight at all? Thanks!