clicking / clunking from front end after a few hundred miles?

clicking / clunking from front end after a few hundred miles?

Picked up my M3 - LR, RWD last week, and in the first week the car has been amazing. Just over 300 miles on it now. Tonight though on the way home from work it started clicking / clunking from the front end (I think front-driver's side) going over any uneven road or sometimes turning. Sounds like a front suspension issue? anyone else? Service scheduled in a week.

Bighorn | 13 novembre 2018

Not the battery pack, though it’s been described by others. Don’t know the specifics of diagnosis or resolution. I noticed a clicking when turning right ascending a parking garage, though otherwise it’s not been noticeable.

kallian | 13 novembre 2018

Mine turned out to be seat belt passenger side rattling on the side of the seat's plastic. Just tilt the seat back.

ahc | 13 novembre 2018

Interesting ideas. I tried moving the seats / seat belts and just took it for a spin around the block, but it definitely feels like something rattling around right under my feet. I'll let you all know if anything changes or what service says next week.

ahc | 20 novembre 2018

So following up on this, I brought it into the service center today for this issue. The diagnosis was just something had loosened in the front driver side suspension, they re-torqued the suspension and that was it. Service experience was pleasant. They gave me a model S loaner as they didn't know what exactly it was or how long it would take (only ended up being about an hour though). And without a doubt I prefer driving the 3 to the S.

CharleyBC | 20 novembre 2018

Thanks for solving the mystery for us!

gmr6415 | 20 novembre 2018

@Bighorn, "clicking" when turning, specifically always in the same direction of turning, is classical signs of CV joints dry or going bad. Do you have AWD?

Bighorn | 20 novembre 2018

AWD but only 24k miles, 3 months old.

M3phan | 20 novembre 2018

Glad it’s resolved. Same with me, SC retorqued wheels and suspension, resolving my click or a clunk on drivers side when turning wheel left. SC was awesome, it’s been smooth and silent sailing ever since.

gmr6415 | 21 novembre 2018

@Bighorn, That would definitely be premature if it's CV joints, but if I remember correctly you've already gone through the loose lug nut issue before haven't you?

Bighorn | 21 novembre 2018

I had a loose lug on a rear wheel. None were properly torqued though that may have been because they didn’t get retorqued when new.

thevaibhav.arora | 19 settembre 2019

Bringing back an old thread.. is the sound you heard something like this ? I am in Neutral and i dont have the breaks pressed nor hold on...