What enhancements in 2018.44?

What enhancements in 2018.44?

Does anyone know what enhancements got added in 2018.44 for MX? I have heard Model 3 with 2018.44 has the ability to direct the climate control (air flow in the passenger compartment) to focus air from the vents to a specific area (center or the side vents), or split the airflow between central vents and side vents.

Vawlkus | 22 novembre 2018

Here in Canada that update unlocked Summon for the Model 3s without the need for a fob (which S and X both require)

Hopefully S and X will get that as well.

fdelzingaro | 23 novembre 2018

I have an X and have allways been able to use the summon feature from my phone and not the fob.

Triggerplz | 23 novembre 2018

I’m able to use both the app and fob to summon | 24 novembre 2018

44.2 makes some minor changes how the door window and door unlock works on the Model 3 in cold weather. It should reduce the chance of a frozen window/door.

Teslapalooza | 24 novembre 2018

Thanks to all who responded. So no one with MX or MS is seeing the air flow redirect control capability ?

COrich | 26 novembre 2018

You can't redirect the airflow in the S or X since the controls are mechanical hand adjustments. You can in the model 3 because they are computer controlled using multiple fan interactions to direct the air flow. Maybe this will show up in a new S/X interior design. | 26 novembre 2018

@Teslamania - Are you talking about directional airflow - up, middle or down? If so the controls are in the climate menu on the left. If you're talking about recirculation, that's on the right (for the S/X).

Teslapalooza | 27 novembre 2018

@TeslaTap: I was talking about what @COrich has described above. That answers my question. Thank you.

dgulick | 30 novembre 2018

To my knowledge, and all we've seen on our update, the only change with MX is additional security requirement for disabling app connections from the car. You have to log in now to disable app connectivity.

jjgunn | 6 dicembre 2018

Hopefully you peeps received 46.2 - I'll let everyone know in the firmware thread if I find any weirdness with 46.2

Teslapalooza | 6 dicembre 2018

please let us know. I am still on 2018.44