Took delivery of the MX 100D with old software revision

Took delivery of the MX 100D with old software revision

Finally took the delivery of my MX 100D after 2 month wait. everything looks pretty good, no squeaky sound, no wind noise(knocked wood). however, I was trying to use the Nav on autopilot function and it wasn't available. looked at the software version. It shows 2018.39.8. How can I get the latest software update via air?

jjgunn | 16 dicembre 2018

Get the car on WiFi & be patient. Once on WiFi call the service center & give them your VIN, see if they can push the update. Looks like 48.1 is out now.

raffidesigns | 16 dicembre 2018

Once you have your home Wi-Fi connected or any WiFi, your Tesla will eventually show a software update. We currently do not have the ability to manually obtain a software updates. It could take a couple of hours to a couple of days.

sreeramk08 | 16 dicembre 2018

I took delivery yesterday and right in the parking lot before I even picked up the car, it showed that there was an update available. I manually started the update when the car was in the garage last night and connected the car to the wifi only this afternoon. So, there is no need for wifi IMO.

yabouzaid | 16 dicembre 2018

From my experience, best chance to go to SC and get connected to their WiFi, just to get the notification, then go home and downloaded if you have faster net, it might take weeks before the new update shows in your car with your WiFi in the house

caikangze407 | 16 dicembre 2018

Thanks for all the inputs. I will leave the car in the garage for few days with Wifi connected and see if it receives the notice for updates.

Redmiata98 | 16 dicembre 2018

Now that you have your answer, how about going back and deleting your other two posts on this same issue?

mathwhiz | 16 dicembre 2018

Yes, please clean up your duplicates.

caikangze407 | 18 dicembre 2018

Just received software update last night. it's up to date!!!! Yay!!