Creaking noise when accelerating P3D+

Creaking noise when accelerating P3D+

My Performance M3 just started making loud creaking noises when accelerating and decelerating. Including slow starts and stops. This after just over a month of ownership. Just recorded a quick video. YouTube link:

Some possible (but unlikely) related info:

- Tracked the car last weekend. Didn’t push it too hard as it was my second time on track and first with this car. No wipe-outs or anything unusual/aggressive.

- Creaking started after the coldest night of ownership so far. But it didn’t go down to freezing. Probably not lower than 40 degrees. Car was parked in my garage.

- Regenerative braking was off for a while this morning (battery at 75%). I assume it was the cold.

- Something small is loose inside the trunk lid and rattles when swinging it up and down. Doubt it’s connected but who knows.

I made a service appointment, but am interested if anyone here has had the same. Especially those with an AWD or P3D.

Thanks in’s advance for any info.

meni | 31 dicembre 2018

Forgot to mention: I have another track day coming up and concerned that the creak may be a safety issue. Made a SC appointment, but in the meantime am interested in people’s thoughts about cancelling my track reservation just to be on the safe side.

efuseakay | 31 dicembre 2018

Sounds like the issue a few others have had. The VIN number plate rubbing against the windshield. I’d cancel track day just to be safe until service can take a look just to be sure.

efuseakay | 31 dicembre 2018

Sounds like the issue a few others have had. The VIN number plate rubbing against the windshield. I’d cancel track day just to be safe until service can take a look just to be sure.

efuseakay | 31 dicembre 2018

Ugh. Stupid double post.

lbowroom | 31 dicembre 2018

Trunk is one of the plastic clips that holds the inside panel of the trunk detached and feel inside. You can probably fish it out and put it back where it belongs.

gballant4570 | 31 dicembre 2018

I don't hear such a sound..... dual motor model, not performance

meni | 31 dicembre 2018

@efuseakay “VIN number plate rubbing against the windshield” doesn’t make sense to me. The sound is coining from the back of the car. Am I missing something?

RedShift | 31 dicembre 2018


The sound you are hearing seems like a serious issue after viewing the video. You did the right thing by scheduling the service and cancelling your track day.

meni | 31 dicembre 2018

Cancelled my track day for now. SC appointment is 3 days before so hopefully issue can be resolved in time to re-join the race!

Pluglife | 6 novembre 2019

I have this exact issue on my RHD P3+ (one month old). What was the problem in the end? Hoping it can be something I can just clip back myself.

Lorenzryanc | 6 novembre 2019

Do it again but with both rear seats folded down. See if its better or worse. Also, with one side down, have someone in the back seat as you test it out to see if they can pinpoint the location. It sounds frame/seat/structurally related and not suspension to me.

rsingh05 | 6 novembre 2019

I've had my 3P (that's the official designation btw, per Elon) for a year now. No creaks at all, even at 30 degree weather. just FYI.

Pluglife | 6 novembre 2019

Thanks for the comments guys.

Tried again tonight with the rear seats down and the creaking was definitely louder and clearer. I also took all the cables and UMC etc and put that in the front, just in case they were influencing anything and the creaking was still present. Also pressed around on the plastic trim and some of the lining but everything seems to be pretty solid.

Am seeing a friend over the weekend so will get him to help to try and pinpoint.

Got a service appointment booked in two months, it’s going to drive me mad in the meantime I suspect!

bengarlick | 6 novembre 2019

my P3- has the exact same creak that has developed. I have not tracked my car but have used full acceleration a number of times. Mine may not be quite as loud, but clearly the same issue. Sounds a bit like driving an old wooden ship when accelerating/decelerating. Most noticeable at low speeds. Please post the resolution from the service center.

steve.wood | 14 novembre 2019

Was there any more information on this? My P3 makes the same noise,usually when dry as it doesn't seem to happen when raining. It's when I accelerate slowly from stand-still, forward or reverse, and the final bit of breaking. I did have a service request and the tesla guy turned up but it was raining and couldn't get it make the noise. Issues like this and the "acceptable" level of condensation in the rear lights are not what I expected when spending so much on a car. Though I love the way it drives I kind of wish I had put the extra cash in and bought the ipace, I would prefer the lower performance/range over the lower tesla quality.

Pluglife | 15 novembre 2019

Nothing more from me. The sound is still there (sounds like a creaking wooden ship would be my latest analogy). I have a service appointment booked for the 16th December. I will update this thread when I get the car back with their findings.

82bert | 15 novembre 2019

Just noticed the same thing this past week in our first 3 (over a year old). Will make service appt. Sounds like no one here has the answer?

Bighorn | 15 novembre 2019

Do you have osteoporosis?

82bert | 15 novembre 2019

Ha. Healthy bones for me. Much too young for that. Can’t speak for everyone else here.

jimglas | 15 novembre 2019

I thought it was my knees

steve.wood | 11 dicembre 2019

Ok, had my p3 in for the creak fix today. They dropped the rear anti-roll bars and re-seated/torqued. Driving home there was no creak from the rear. I'll see how it behaves after a few days. | 11 dicembre 2019

Sometimes I hear a thud that is my (unprepared) passengers head hitting the back of the headrest. That is followed by a second thud impacting my right shoulder. After some research, I discovered two fixes: 1. Full throttle acceleration with no one else in the car and, 2. Installed matching headrest pillows.

bpatter123 | 11 dicembre 2019

That sounds like rear suspension creak. As SteveWood (above) found it’s consistent with suboptimal installation of some parts. This has been reported by other owners too. Consider getting an appointment at another SC- the fix shouldn’t take an hour.