Upcoming Superchargers moved from 2018 to 2019

Upcoming Superchargers moved from 2018 to 2019

Anyone knows how to know the revised supercharger opening dates around MN. There were few of them that were marked 2018 and rechecked now and they are all moved to 2019. What is probability of them again being moved and / or completed in 2019

okhan412000 | 8 gennaio 2019

Same thing for Southern California. We have some serious wait times at all times on the Los Angeles West Side. It looked like a few additional super chargers were going to open in 2018 but the dates were moved to 2019.

bp | 9 gennaio 2019

This happens every year. Tesla projects when they'll get new superchargers online during the year, and usually misses the mark on many of those chargers, moving them forward a year (or longer) before they are actually installed. seems to do a pretty good job of tracking actual progress in building out new superchargers, showing the new sites which are in construction or have been permitted, indicating which supercharger sites should be opening in the next few months.

A challenge Tesla has in predicting new charger installations is that there are some steps that can take extended periods to complete - securing a location for the superchargers (usually parking spots owned by someone else), getting permits for the construction, running the extra power to the site, and then getting the parts delivered/installed.

TranzNDance | 9 gennaio 2019

We have one in our city that was scheduled for 2017 and it still has not materialized. Hopefully Tesla can afford to build the Superchargers now that it is not so close to running out of money.

jimglas | 9 gennaio 2019

"so close to running out of money" = FUD

stevenmaifert | 9 gennaio 2019

Tesla's Supercharger planned opening dates (year) have always been a goal, not a hard commitment. There are many factors that influence the process. Be patient. Some marked spots on the map never see a Supercharger, and others pop up in places that were never marked.

kcheng | 9 gennaio 2019

"jimglas | January 9, 2019
"so close to running out of money" = FUD"
Dude, he wrote, NOT so close to running out of money. Did you even listen to the recent Elon interview?

jordanrichard | 9 gennaio 2019

There are so many things that are out of Tesla's hands when it comes to opening up a new site. So, people shouldn't shoot the messenger which in the case would the Tesla itself.

Here in CT, the Danbury site was 100% complete and sat there for nearly 7 months before it went live. There was an unresolved easement issue with the power company.

The other part of this is that s of a few months ago, there were only 30 people on the supercharger team, for the entire world. You think you have a lot on your plate at work........