Any way to check if cameras are working?

Any way to check if cameras are working?

2018 Model X 75D with full self driving option.

I've recently noticed that cars directly adjacent to mine on the passenger side (US) while I am stopped at a light do not appear on the display. Cars ahead of and behind that car appear but there is a blank spot where the car right next to me should be.

I'm assuming this is a failure of the passenger side door pillar camera. Is there any way to check if this particular camera is functioning? I am not getting any errors or warnings. | 28 gennaio 2019

Do you see cars on the side in the display when driving? It may indicate it is working.

I've had a bad side camera and it displayed a warning "Surround Vehicle Display Limited" and both sides and rear were disabled from the display.

jeffcyr | 30 gennaio 2019

The camera is definitely not working. Got a warning message that autopilot is unavailable. Had the logs checked and the camera is bad.

sschaem | 5 febbraio 2019

What is involved in replacing the sensor/camera ?

jeffcyr | 7 febbraio 2019

They said the entire b pillar gets replaced as a single unit and it takes about an hour. Mobile service can take care of it.

jeffcyr | 12 febbraio 2019

Just wanted to update that the camera has been replaced and even though it was the camera on the drivers side cars on the passenger side now appear as expected. Overall very happy with the handling of the failed camera.