Two weeks ago, after searching the Tesla used car site I chose a 2015 S70 with 13,800 miles. I gave my $2500 deposit and waited for delivery. The communication with the delivery specialist based in California was almost non existent. The pictures sent showed a car in mint condition. However, that was the least of the problems. Delivery for my car was scheduled in Palm Beach today at 2pm. All confirmed over the weekend. This morning I turned in my BMW lease 5 months early and paid it off. I really wanted this Tesla. I came home at at 1pm received a call from the delivery team. While detailing the car they found a water leaks and need to investigate further. What happened to the 70 point overall check? 3 hours later my sales rep calls me to tell me the car has multiple water leaks and mold and mildew. “We cannot sell you this car” he tells me. Meanwhile my jaw is dropping. I already paid in full with my credit union financing. So I tell them, find me a similar car with similar mileage etc. they could not! Everything had more miles and more damage and wanted more money. I told him I wouldn’t pay additional dime. Now keep in mind I cancelled an M3 reservation to buy this b3cause the wife wanted the bigger car. So, I’m faced with no car and searching for another CPO. I don’t trust the CPO process at this point. So, now we are supposedly transferring my funds to an in stock M3 available this week

Now I’m giving up free supercharging, sunroof and AP1. Not to mention the M3 will cost me $1400 more. I do get $3750 tax credit, however could have gotten full credit last month had I known this would happen. So I’m pissed and want Tesla to make this whole. I have been terribly inconvenienced. So, what to ask for? So far they say no to everything.

I want:

Free supercharging
Additional charger
Free annual maintenance

I’m open for suggestions before I contact Elon Musk. Is the CPO program a total fraud? Caveat emptor.

RedShift | 29 gennaio 2019

Unfortunately leaks present themselves when washing the car, and that’s probably what delayed the discovery. I’m sorry about your experience, but I’m sure you can appreciate Tesla being honest in not selling you the car, rather than deliver it and have you discover an issue later.

I can appreciate your frustration since this happened at the last moment. I’d take the Model 3. Unless you travel long distance routinely, free supercharging might not be all that valuable to you.

That said, I’m sure someone here might point you to an email you could escalate your concern to.

kcheng | 29 gennaio 2019

Very bad luck. It does raise the question what the heck is CPO supposed to mean. I don't know what you can get, but I"m not optimistic. Are you the type of person who will always be annoyed by the purchase history, when you look at your car? If so, maybe you should bite the bullet, ask for a refund, and get something else.

blue adept | 29 gennaio 2019


'IF' this even happened at all as you say, I wonder...

If the situation is as dire as you've made it out to be (though it sounds like the discovery was made DURING the "70 point overall check", so they WERE looking out for you), I'm curious what your motivations are for opting for the circuitous route of lambasting Tesla here on the forum instead of resolving your issues with them personally through direct contact with them...?

I only ask because this sounds suspiciously like yet another effort to 'poison the well' by trying to spread more defamatory innuendo about Tesla.

Icepucks | 29 gennaio 2019

I won’t be bitter. But I will be relentless in getting some concessions. They won’t wont reduce price, or destination fee even though the M3 is in stock 23 miles from my house. I really wanted the M3 to begin with and appreciate Tesla not selling me a POS. I just feel they need to step up and provide some value added service. Supercharging seems to be the easiest thing for them to initiate. I have a supercharger 1.5 miles from home and do travel to Melbourne Florida to see my kids, about 170miles.
using a supercharge along the way would be nice.

Icepucks | 29 gennaio 2019

@blue adept. Not at all. I am very pro Tesla and I look forward to taking delivery of a New M3. However, the process of purchasing a CPO from Tesla sight unseen from only photos is an issue. The 70 point check never found the mold and mildew? One hour before delivery? Lack of communication? My rep is now working hard to deliver a new M3 hopefully this week. I am confident it will work out.

Aerodyne | 29 gennaio 2019

I would respectfully suggest to work with Tesla to get a responsive delivery specialist who will work for you and find a nice CPO MS that you want. They are out there, and I believe the 2015 MS, esp the 85D, will prove to be keepers...

I have some names in Socal if you are needing a Tesla contact...

Best of luck..

Icepucks | 29 gennaio 2019

Problem is delivery time and finding the right color combination and options and mileage for a CPO. I need a car after trading in my BMW ASAP. I do appreciate Tesla realizing the car was not suitable for sale. It should have been discovered before it was paid for etc. that s all I’m saying. I look forward to owning my M3 after giving a deposit originally 3 years ago this April. It was meant to be.

PrescottRichard | 29 gennaio 2019

There is no CPO.

There is only PO. If you prefer, FKACPO.

RedShift | 29 gennaio 2019

I guess leaks are not being checked for during the 70 point inspection. My 2013 had a roof leak recently that was not discovered by the body shop where it had to go for some panel repair. The roof leak was because the shop had to take out the chrome trim around the side windows to fix a panel.

So back I went after my car wash and the bad surprise it brought. The shop fixed it after trying for nearly 4 weeks! The Model S is a tough car to work on regarding roof leaks, apparently. Availability of parts are an issue.

My guess is Tesla delivery decided it would be too difficult to work on ordering replacement parts for an older car and waiting for them to arrive, based on my personal experience with my 2013 S.

blue adept | 29 gennaio 2019

An old adage occurs to me, something about 'catching more flies with honey than you do with vinegar'...Just a thought.

Also, if it's only some "23" miles away (in regards to your Latin reference), why not merely drive there (or have someone drive you) so you'll be able to 'see it before you buy it' and discuss the matter in person, face-to-face (like adults typically do), instead of ridiculing Tesla on a forum?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I understand the desire to get some sort of concession, but this just seems...trite...I think is the term I'm looking for and, well, trollish too.

You've said that you have kids (in "Melbourne" I think) which means you've been around long enough to know that you go UP the chain of command to resolve a problem, NOT down and definitely not on some forum, so I again question your motivations, as well as the voracity of your claims.

Suspect I say, highly suspect.

Icepucks | 30 gennaio 2019

@blue adept. Do you have a problem. Yes I will bash Tesla and anyone else who doesn’t play by all he rules I am going up the chain of command and I will continue to pursue it. A forum is the perfect place to let people know when things are not on the up and up. I don’t appreciate your options of what my motives are What’s trite? Asking for something when one has been inconvenienced ? Since you are so brilliant, let me inform you that Tesla will not let me see the car before buying it. It is not their policy. You doubt the voracity of my claim? Who the hell are you? Thanks for your opinions, keep it to yourself if you have nothing positive to add to the situation.

Curly maple | 30 gennaio 2019

I am in a similar situation. I placed a deposit on a MS a little over 3 weeks ago. There was an initial delay because they forgot to put it on a truck to transfer. Then they told me they would have the car ready at a specific date, so I sold my car privately. That date passed because they said the car wouldn’t start and needed a new MCU. Then 2 weeks after my deposit, they told me they discovered the car was in an accident and can’t sell me the car. I transferred my deposit to another used MS. For the initial delay, they offered one free maintenance. I asked for a loaner while my second MS is getting prepped. They will reimburse me for a rental car. I am glad they are honest about the cars when they find issues, but all these delays could be avoided if they just inspected the cars before placing them for sale.

lilbean | 30 gennaio 2019

Not a good idea to sell a car before the replacement car arrives. A monkey doesn't let go of a vine until he sees the next one to grab on to.

Curly maple | 30 gennaio 2019

The monkey saw the vine. Just didn’t realize it was just a mirage. Are you saying I should not have trusted Tesla when they said they had a specific car they would sell me and have it delivered on a specific date?

When I sold my car, I knew there was a risk of a delay in delivery. I thought the risk was low and I had other options for rides, although inconvenient. I didn’t realize that the car would actually be pulled from the sale and I would have to start all over. Even Tesla admitted they were in the wrong and offered a rental car. Not sure why lilbean is defending Tesla. They can avoid these issues by inspecting the cars before putting them up for sale.

kcheng | 30 gennaio 2019

"blue adept | January 29, 2019
'IF' this even happened at all as you say, I wonder...

If the situation is as dire as you've made it out to be (though it sounds like the discovery was made DURING the "70 point overall check", so they WERE looking out for you),"

Uhm, they do the 70 point check before they list it, not just prior to delivery.

SO | 30 gennaio 2019

“Are you saying I should not have trusted Tesla when they said they had a specific car they would sell me and have it delivered on a specific date?”

Until I have something in hand and actually KNOW that it works, I don’t consider it a done deal. Things can happen. Things can break.

SO | 30 gennaio 2019

@curly - “They can avoid these issues by inspecting the cars before putting them up for sale.”

But I do agree with you on this. They also shouldn’t sell them until they have the title.

I had a similar experience at a GM dealer a few years ago. They said they inspected the car and were touting the multi-point inspection. I go to turn on the wipers and they kept going up and down an inch. The sales rep was certainly embarrassed. Needless to say, I didn’t go back.

Curly maple | 30 gennaio 2019

SO, at what point in the process can I trust Tesla? I’ve never had a car company tell me they can sell me a car when they couldn’t.

I understand things can go wrong in the process. Again, many issues can be avoided if Tesla inspected the cars before putting them up for sale. Is that too much to ask?

PrescottRichard | 30 gennaio 2019

When I picked up my FKACPO 2016 90D in San Diego I was surprised to learn that there is no ‘customer facing’ info / documents on the 70 points they inspect. Makes me wonder if they count torque on each lug nut as a point?

Seriously though, that isn’t Asking too much. That kind of info would be good for us to know to keep an eye on things.

Thank you for bringing up water tight cabin, I haven’t check this yet (hasn’t rained on me). So today I’ll hose the car down a bit.

Curly maple | 30 gennaio 2019

Prescott, how was your delivery experience? I am also picking up in SD.

lilbean | 30 gennaio 2019

I traded in cars for both Teslas. Easy peasy. Totally seamless. Drive in the crappy ICE, leave with a Tesla.

lilbean | 30 gennaio 2019

FYI: Forum Lesson #1 Over-the-top, all cap, dramatic, shouty words in a thread title will not be received well.

SO | 30 gennaio 2019

@Curly - “SO, at what point in the process can I trust Tesla?”

Well based on my experience with Tesla, I could trust them right away. I guess results vary unfortunately.

blue adept | 31 gennaio 2019


No 'problems', I just don't understand your process or the troubles you say you're having as I've no such experience in my dealings with Tesla.

My experience has been much the same as @lilbean's...I call to say I want car, I come, they give me car, I go...Easy peasy!

blue adept | 31 gennaio 2019

I Uber in, I drive out, no problems whatsoever.

Granted, I've never gone the CPO route, but I find it extremely bizarre to hear of a company of engineers, owned by an engineer, allegedly overlooking an issue, ANY issue, since things like specifics and details are the very things that engineers are somewhat OCD about...As an engineer, I would know.

PrescottRichard | 31 gennaio 2019

Curly- it was smooth as silk.

The photos of the car I was interested in were not very high-Rez but I felt comfortable with them because there weren’t any rulers. If there’s a ruler in a photo, there is damage in the photo!

I arrived an hour early and chilled out. It’s just a big warehouse tucked away with other warehouses. I actually signed paperwork before the car was prepped, but I don’t recommend that. I was early.

The car was very clean and just as expected. My ONLY disappointment was the range for the battery was 263.x miles at 100%. I was hoping for 270s or even 280s since the original EPA estimate was listed as 294. I just got the window sticker recently, it says 270. That’s odd because it’s not a P90D. I’ll ask service about it when I take the car in Tuesday. Still, it’s better than the P85 I had and everything works, it’s quiet, smooth, and waterproof.

Susi helped me, so if you see her tell her thank you!