2014 Model S - Performance or Base?

2014 Model S - Performance or Base?

I’m really trying to get a used 2015 Tesla model s so then I know it has autopilot 1.0, but yesterday I went and looked at a 2014 85 and the dealer had it labeled as Performance, but nothing indicates to me it’s performance? I didn’t see that reference when I clicked on the Tesla logo, 19” rims, no P on the back? How can I tell if it’s the P version 85 or not? is where I saw this car.

SO | 30 gennaio 2019

Check the vin with Tesla.

inconel | 30 gennaio 2019

it's a regular RWD 85

ageiss | 30 gennaio 2019

Dumb question but how do I check the vin against Tesla? You got a link to their vin search?

SO | 30 gennaio 2019


ageiss | 30 gennaio 2019

Eww. That’s the only way to figure this out? I’m shopping so I’ll be calling them 25 times. There’s no way to tell by physically looking at the car? A feature or something that only the Performances had vs the regulars?

Mike G | 30 gennaio 2019

In the picture of the back of the car it says 85. If it was performance it would say P85. So your dealer is not honest with you.

Aerodyne | 30 gennaio 2019

Enter the VIN on the EV-CPO site. Also ask the Tesla sales person for a copy of the Monroney Window Sticker.

jordanrichard | 30 gennaio 2019

When you say "dealer", do you mean Tesla or a third party, local Ford dealer?

If it is a performance model, it will have "P85" on the back as well as on the center screen when you press the "T" at the top. Using the screen method would be useful if the previous owner removed the badging.

jordanrichard | 30 gennaio 2019

Just went to their site. That is a standard 85 with what was called "performance" seats, which was essentially just contrasting colored piping on the seats. Also by looking at the picture of the center screen I see that it is still running on software version 8 and we are all on V9 now. So either they or the previous owner didn't install the latest updates.

kerryglittle | 30 gennaio 2019

Never trust a used car salesman.

jordanrichard | 30 gennaio 2019

I love how they list "Remote Engine Start" as a feature. Call and ask them just how exactly this feature works on this car?

It sort of has "remote start", but you only have 2 minutes from the point of selecting that via the, to when you have to get in the car and press the brake. | 30 gennaio 2019

There is also most probably no in-dash CD player.

gridley1950 | 30 gennaio 2019

Or lighted vanity mirrors.