reservation refund problems

reservation refund problems

Has anyone else had problems submitting an IBAN/ Swift/ BIC numbers on cancellation form? I have inputted my bank's number as instructed and it keeps rejecting it. I am not leaving spaces or hyphens etc so not sure what is wrong.

Does it have to go back into exactly same account as from whence it came. That would be ridiculous over two years later though.

msecyba | 25 luglio 2019

Same problem. Irritating, no phone number that i know of to complain

jimglas | 25 luglio 2019

vafike is a spammer

hokiegir1 | 25 luglio 2019

@jimglass - I think that's in the manual under NSS. ;) Flagging and moving on.

mikey.d | 28 novembre 2019

Your BIC/IBAN numbers are your international bank account numbers that are usually found on the top of your statement and can also be found on your mobile banking app. Mine was below your normal account number and sort code. Just Google BIC/IBAN and your bank if your having troubles.

Had me stumped at first. Hope this helps!