P3D spoilers

P3D spoilers

Why can't I get a straight answer from Tesla about when my spoiler will be here? It's extremely frustrating to see cars being delivered halfway across the world in Norway WITH spoilers, and here I am approaching 5 months of waiting, continuously getting the run around from Tesla Service, Support, and Escalations about why they can't source mine. I can go buy a new car today and it will come with the part, but this company can't take care of people who have paid and are owed things.

I was going to buy a Model Y and powerwalls/solar, but I'm not giving this company another dime for a while. Elon, get your post sales teams shit together.

jb1120 | 16 febbraio 2019

Well, I suppose you are going to refuse all the FREE improvements via over the air updates that your car will be receiving from this company that that “can’t take care of people who are owed things.”

jimglas | 16 febbraio 2019

Hold your breath until you turn purple, that will teach them!

LarryZ | 16 febbraio 2019

To me, the spoiler isn't as big of a deal as having Tesla be as successful as possible in Europe, and maybe spoilers on Norwegian cars will make a little bit of difference, as you have demonstrated, ironically, in your message. That said, since it matters to you, I'd get you a spoiler ASAP if it were up to me! I hope you get it soon.

HollywoodFLM3 | 16 febbraio 2019

You aren't EVER supposed to say negative things about Tesla here. The point of this forum is not to find answers or provide insight to others. The point of this forum is to defend Tesla from the evil short sellers. The same people who destroyed Bitcoin and made a killing doing it. Yeah those people..or so I have learned reading replies on this forum. I added the Bitcoin part because it's similar behavior. Bitcoin moon boys and Tesla fan boys...same people?

HollywoodFLM3 | 16 febbraio 2019

Oh and Im also waiting on my spoiler since October 1. Not a yuge deal, but a little annoying. Oh sorry did that sound negative? I hope no snowflakes are triggered by this post.

usnemcabrera | 16 febbraio 2019

@jb1120 your logic is flawed...he paid for a car that was suppose to have a spoiler, 5 months later and he doesn't have it...that is messed up.

sarya | 16 febbraio 2019

the apologists here are pathetic. if you want this company to succeed then you need to be critical of it and point out the flaws. stuffing your head in the sand is whats actually harmful to this company.

dickiemo | 17 febbraio 2019

i have been waiting since mid September as well , paid the extra $5k for the privilege, and the same thing. Been calling the service center and they say , It will just show up on a truck some day, no definitive answer. It's esla time i guess.

rxlawdude | 17 febbraio 2019

My smartass quip is that why is someone without a spoiler acting so spoiled?

surfpearl | 17 febbraio 2019

They probably need it for stability :)
I'm OK waiting for mine until the last crybaby here gets theirs installed. Enjoying the M3P+ spoils in the meantime!

lpjakob | 8 marzo 2019

Just updating, now going on six months. January commitment from Burbank SC to call me resulted in no response received. I contacted Customer Service this week to start the process over again. After getting again no information from Burbank, Customer Service has taken ownership of this issue and is now trying to find a SC or Mobile Service in Southern CA that has the rear spoiler/performance badge to complete my due bill for M3P+ purchased six months ago. Call back has been promised once parts have been located. I will update once new information is provided.

disapr | 8 marzo 2019

Some communication from Tesla would be nice, but boycotting the company until your mostly cosmetic accessory arrives seems a bit childish.

I want the wing too.. I just don't see what good fussing is going to do. I'm confident that Tesla will make good on the wings.

fazman | 8 marzo 2019

I had to reject two P3D+ cars because of the cosmetic issues and undercarrage scrapes. I accepted the third car because it had the least of issues and yet i still had to send my delivery person almost 40 pics of issues. Got it in mid-Nov 2018, had them "fix" the issues in Feb 2019 (thats when the real salesman guy showed up to talk me out of repairing the issues).

I received the dual motor badge at this time (requested no install of it). I have yet to receive the spolier, not a big deal because I don't plan to track it any time soon, nor do i ever plan to go over 100 mph to need "stability" on public roads. If you do actually find yourself freqently over 100 mph, let tesla know so they can get you the part... for the rest of us... its not really needed. BTW, i got the $5k track package for the performance motors/wheels/brakes... not the stupid $50 China made CF spoiler that is double sided taped to a trunk (but to each their own). When my spoiler is actually ready for pick up... i'm debating if I actually want it installed.

What really bugs me is they still owe me an over payment since Oct 2018 (still haven't received it and its impossible to get anyone to take real action on it... talking in the thousands).

efuseakay | 8 marzo 2019

Been waiting since September 8. Quite frustrating to just wait and wait. What I don't get is if the spoilers are "defective" as they claim, then all those cars going to Europe have defective spoilers. smh

eric | 8 marzo 2019

I got the P3D+ spoiler at a service visit (Fremont) a couple weeks ago. Also the badge (not installed).

Not really worth the wait but glad I have it.

Apparently they do not have these in stock yet. I just got “lucky”.

efuseakay | 8 marzo 2019

I’ve heard the batch they got was defective. Trying to get a straight story from Tesla? Good luck with that!

lpjakob | 13 marzo 2019

For Los Angeles area, I received an email from Customer Service saying they still do not have any in stock, we keep me updated. Next week, this will be six months since taking delivery of M3P+. I hope this gets resolved soon.

lpjakob | 13 marzo 2019

Correction: Email was received today and it should rear “will” keep me posted.

centurionusa | 13 marzo 2019

My customer service rep I talked with yesterday said they have no information. I'd love to know the story behind the wait. I wonder who's making these for them?

howard | 13 marzo 2019

I just don’t get it. You buy the highest priced premium M3 and you get it delivered incomplete. Then add insult to injury you get nothing but the run around for the last 8 months. I have been told twice by customer service to schedule having them installed so I do only to have service cancel it. Beyond frustrating and simply inexcusable. What gives Elon?

dhliu | 13 marzo 2019

My car is at the service center now to fix a rattle and the stalk (again). I didn’t even ask and they offered:

Retrofit the Rear Spoiler
Install Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Parts Replaced or Added
M3 Rear Spoiler, Carbon (1455166-00-A) 1

Picked up the car in October, so I’m just excited I’m finally getting it installed. Hopefully it’s not “defective,” as some other members have posted.