Rust under Aero wheel covers

Rust under Aero wheel covers

Have had my Model 3 for about 6 months and live in Texas (no salted roads, etc...). I recently pulled off the Aero covers...I never drive with them off. I noticed that there are small rust spots in the hubs (center of wheel where the Tesla logo cap would go) of all 4 wheels. Is this common? Should I have Tesla take a look?

Wanderer | 18 febbraio 2019

Is the rust rubbing off from the logo cap or originated from the rim itself?

devoinc | 18 febbraio 2019

The rim itself, I don't even have the logo cap.

Bighorn | 18 febbraio 2019

Are you maybe seeing rotor rust? That's normal.

lbowroom | 18 febbraio 2019

I can imagine the round steel clip that holds the aero wheel on rusting, but the wheel itself is aluminum which doesn’t rust.

Brian B | 18 febbraio 2019

I see it on mine, too. When you take the aero cover off, there is an opening in the center where the after-market cap would go if you use the aero lug nut cover kit. That area has a little rust.

rkalbiarEV | 18 febbraio 2019

That sounds like rust from the rotor hub. Yes, that is normal and annoying.

Resist | 18 febbraio 2019

It's normal, it's steel. Just like it's normal for the rotors to have rust on them after being wet. Or other steel components under any car that get wet.

walnotr | 19 febbraio 2019

Not to worry. You are seeing the rotor which will have rust in any area the brake pads don’t clean it off.