Loot Box disappeared!!!!

Loot Box disappeared!!!!

Anyone here has problem with his/her loot box or referral program? The loot box in my Tesla App is disappeared now. I tried my Tesla Account too, they removed all my referrals information. I have 3 delivered referrals and now all disappeared in a certain. Called customer service but they said nothing they can help. Ask me to email the referral program department which i did but didn't received any real person reply my email yet. It has been couple days already. The most frustrating thing is dead line is approaching very soon.

jordanrichard | 20 febbraio 2019

Just checked my app and it's still there.

carlk | 20 febbraio 2019

Being looted?

lilbean | 20 febbraio 2019

Maybe your app needs to be updated.

Ttesla | 20 febbraio 2019

I have had this happen to me. For my phone, you can wait it out. It'll appear after a while if you wait on the app. Try faster connection. I know the priority of the loading of the app goes to the car refresh info then secondary items like lootbox or setting button. Hope this makes sense!

reed_lewis | 21 febbraio 2019

Shut down the app, and reboot the phone usually fixes the loot box icon.

jonzhou | 21 febbraio 2019

My loot box and my referrals disappeared from my tesla account after I canceled my model 3 reservation deposit and got the $1000 refunded back. I've email the tesla referral and the general support email but have yet to receive any response. Anyone else with this issue?

derptastic | 23 febbraio 2019

The last time I looked, which was about a week ago, I had an unclaimed wheel award and an unclaimed PowerWall award. This morning I figured I would bite the bullet and finally order the wheels, so I fired up the app only to find that everything is gone. Now the loot box just shows my 0% progress on the Secret Level, and if I swipe over it shows my 0% progress on Solar referrals. All of my awards, both delivered and pending, just disappeared. The suggestion to reboot my phone did not fix anything. Is anyone else seeing this?

reed_lewis | 24 febbraio 2019

@jonzhou - If you are not an owner, you cannot have referrals. So if you do not own a Tesla, there is no way you will get owner referral rewards.

@derptastic - The restart is only to fix it appearing on the screen. The referrals disappearing is a different issue. I would email Tesla support and ask them.

stuckwi | 2 marzo 2019

I had a set of wheels "processing" for my X and wall charger "scheduled" now my loot box is gone. It seems to also coincide with cancellation of my Model3 reservation...

aniket.patel | 6 marzo 2019

Mine has now disappeared even though i still am waiting to claim the Radio Flyer and the Arachnids. These awards were both awaiting delivery for the related referrals so i understand why I couldn't progress with the order but atleast i had chosen which of the awards i did want and could see these i can't!

jimglas | 6 marzo 2019

mine disappeared the day my HPWC arrived

Ohmster | 6 marzo 2019

My app no longer has the Loot Box Icon.

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SCCRENDO | 6 marzo 2019

Mine has also gone. I have receive my kiddie car and the HPWC. The third award was supposed to be a solar token

jeff d | 6 marzo 2019

My app no longer shows the box too, there's no longer anything listed in the account web page.
@SCCRENDO, what's the solar token?

SCCRENDO | 6 marzo 2019

Was the third award. Supposed to be a token for early access to a solar roof. It’s a BS award. I earned it over a year ago. But I have a roof full of solar panels. So it’s useless to me anyway.

reed_lewis | 7 marzo 2019

I seriously doubt that the early access to the Solar roof is ever going to 'pan out' In fact, I am worried that Tesla will be selling solar at all in a few years.

I received that award a long time ago also, and got the reward department to give me a HPWC connector instead because I missed that reward by a week or so.

EVRider | 7 marzo 2019

If you’ve already claimed your awards, you don’t need the Loot Box. The award status wasn’t accurate.

detdds | 9 marzo 2019

My loot box is gone also. I have been waiting 10 months for two powerwalls.

detdds | 9 marzo 2019

Has anyone received a powerwall as a reward. They appear difficult to buy also.

Jeffcrilly | 9 marzo 2019

Oh yeah.. how about that. I got my wall connector... and my loot box is also gone.

E1D1 | 8 dicembre 2019

I have a new M3 and used MX, have not been able to find the referral code for months reboots do nothing and a friend is wanting to by one and I am going to miss sharing the referral code :( Very annoying - any other areas that the code might be?

jimglas | 9 dicembre 2019

check on the phone app
right upper corner

robruzzi | 27 giugno 2020

the loot box doesn't show up on my app either. Guess I'll call Tesla and ask.

EVRider | 28 giugno 2020

@robruzzi: Where are you looking? For me, the loot box shows up in 2 places: a treasure chest icon on the top right of the main screen, and on the settings screen (below Inbox). Maybe it only shows up if you have loot.