"Elon Tusk" key to reveal today?

"Elon Tusk" key to reveal today?

Follow me here:

Elon Tusk -> Tusk = Elephant

elephant = there is an elephant in the room (usually something seen as negative that no one wants to address)

The playfulness with which he approaches it signifies that it will be addressed satisfactorily and with a positive aspect.

So, what is there that could be an elephant in the room? Debt payment due? Model Y? 35k Model 3? Semi?

My guess is that the reveal is about the elephant in the room - FSD demo

hokiegir1 | 28 febbraio 2019

I'd go look at the Model 3 "Order Now" page.....

Lorenzryanc | 28 febbraio 2019

Ivory door handles that don't stick when freezing and melt away in fires so doors auto open.

hokiegir1 | 28 febbraio 2019

I'm guessing, based on the order page update, that tusk=horn -- so, unicorn.

kevin_rf | 28 febbraio 2019

1 gigawatt battery packs for the $35k Model 3

Lorenzryanc | 28 febbraio 2019

1.21 gigwatts?

Brian B | 28 febbraio 2019

EGAD! i should have posted it earlier...

Looks like Model Y. It says that on all order pages.

Brian B | 28 febbraio 2019

Clarification: it says "The wait is over" on all order pages.

Lorenzryanc | 28 febbraio 2019

Good catch @hokie! It's a good thing I wasn't ACTUALLY trying to order ;)

Pierogi | 28 febbraio 2019

I want it whatever it is! Take my deposit now! sight unseen! ;)

hokiegir1 | 28 febbraio 2019

I'd take credit, but someone else on FB posted it. :)

And it apparently went from just the Model 3 page to all shortly after.

Brian B | 28 febbraio 2019

Model Y...Final answer

Mike UpNorth_ | 28 febbraio 2019

The 'wait is over' black screen is on all orders....Can't order the S or X either....Not saying you're wrong, just sayin....

hokiegir1 | 28 febbraio 2019

LOL, @Mike. Yup. They updated the other 2 after my first post. And I've been known to be wrong once or twice. Just don't tell my hubby....

Mike UpNorth_ | 28 febbraio 2019

Hoping for the Y.....But no idea...X/S refresh seems possible....Obviously the S3....Or Elon's moving to Mars....All options are on the table....

Mike UpNorth_ | 28 febbraio 2019

Actually, merging with Apple would be my hope....And I'm a Google man myself.

Mike UpNorth_ | 28 febbraio 2019

Announcing they're paying off debt would be the least interesting announcement I can think of.....

Tuning In | 28 febbraio 2019

You've been waiting for it ....................................... and now it's here .......................................................... The new officla Model 3 Diecast now available in several colors. Order yours now at the Tesla store.

Brian B | 28 febbraio 2019

I'm slowly going back to FSD. That would apply to all orders; they want to give opportunity to add it to the order; they wouldn't want people to order the Model Y right now instead of the other cars.... unFinal my answer

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 28 febbraio 2019

What time is 2:00?

hokiegir1 | 28 febbraio 2019

5:00 eastern

Taz | 28 febbraio 2019

Try to order a tesla now. Look at the screen you get. 35k M3 maybe?

JAD | 28 febbraio 2019

My wild guess is Model T for the pickup truck. Elon Tusk must have some meaning and he has said he is very excited about the new pickup.

TranzNDance | 28 febbraio 2019

There will be an elephant in the bed of the pickup truck.

dbwitt | 28 febbraio 2019

Elon has now changed his twitter pic to a black Model 3...the suspense.

gmr6415 | 28 febbraio 2019

Don't know how I got into it before 2:00 PM but the model 3 is listing a "STANDARD RANGE +.

gmr6415 | 28 febbraio 2019

OOPS. Standard range too.

Syed.Hosain | 28 febbraio 2019

Looks like significant price drops.

Teslanene | 28 febbraio 2019

I will start the whining I want my 5k on mid range

Brian B | 1 marzo 2019

Standard range Model 3 and a Standard Plus, and renewed Long Range...Final Answer.

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