Tesla Shop - stock issues common?

Tesla Shop - stock issues common?

So just recently acquired a Model X, and was looking to outfit a couple of items from the Tesla store - but everything I'm looking at is out of stock. Tow package - out of stock. iPhone Phone Dock - out of stock. Wall Connector with 14-50 plug - out of stock, and removed from website.

Being new to the Tesla life - is this common? Guess I'm trying to gauge previous experience on things being restocked, as Tesla Shop Customer Care has no ETA on any of it.

Thanks in advance.

Henry | 5 marzo 2019

I'm not sure I'd call it common, but yes, there are stock outages from time to time. Sometimes you can contact the local service center and see it they have items in stock. The service center stock is seperate from the online stock.

Lastly some items also reside in Amazon's stock. Check the Tesla store at Amazon: which also has Prime shipping for most items.

Mansonramirez | 9 marzo 2019

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NKYTA | 9 marzo 2019

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