Anyone using this? Seems good and priced lower than the others at $49.99


suddled | 7 marzo 2019

I don't trust anything 3D printed for this kind of use. Seems to easy to break.

ken.lunde | 7 marzo 2019

I used the ones that came with both of our Model 3s, and they're working great. One Model 3 has a specialty license plate, and the other one has a personalized specialty plate, so we actually like having the front license plate attached, which is required anyway here in California. It seems prudent not to overthink this one.

Devpsaux | 7 marzo 2019

Did yours not get delivered with one? I swear I had one in the trunk when I took delivery. It's somewhere in my garage now as we don't have front plates here.

Tronguy | 7 marzo 2019

Geez. The stick-on one that comes with the M3 looks the same as the one on your link. Mine has been through a winter, snow, glop, and rain without nary a sign of doing a thing.
The one that comes with the car is free: Save your money.

plaotec | 7 marzo 2019

The one that comes with the M3 used double sided heavy tape to tape on. I am afraid, if later, we need to remove it, it will damage the paint when peeling off the double sided heavy tape

Carl Thompson | 7 marzo 2019

"I am afraid, if later, we need to remove it .."

Just curious for what reason would you anticipate needing to remove it? Bank robbery? ;-)

M3phan | 7 marzo 2019

The stock one works great on all weather.

n2scuba | 7 marzo 2019

If you live in California, check out $50 for ppf license wrap legal as part of California pilot program.

Alameda EV Guy | 7 marzo 2019

Thanks for info n2scuba,

Checked out California bills referenced from site, seems legit. I just ordered mine.

plaotec | 8 marzo 2019

to use this wrap, do we have to sign up at DMV to particpate ?

plaotec | 8 marzo 2019

to use this wrap, do we have to sign up at DMV to particpate ?

andrew | 19 marzo 2019

I just ordered my license plate wrap as well and from what I read the company files the necessary paperwork for you and the DMV supposedly sends you a letter or authorization indicating you are in the pilot program. The only thing that concerns me that unless the legislature extends it, the pilot program ends in Jan 2020 and not sure what that means....