2014 Model S 85 Door Handle

2014 Model S 85 Door Handle

Sorry if this is a repeat, but I searched on how to do this and no luck:

How do I stop the power to the driver side door handle only (as the handle motor runs 24/7 due to faulty switch or broken gear)? It seems to have the typical Tesla failure and I'm hoping (in the near future) I can prevent the motor failure and fix it if Tesla refuses to fix it out of warranty for no charge.

Thanks for any help!

Firaz | 8 marzo 2019

Someone will likely have a better answer, in the meanwhile, the following thread has a link to wiring manuals:

SoCal Buzz | 8 marzo 2019

I would post over on forum to get help from one of the gear heads.

Silver2K | 9 marzo 2019

This may be what you're looking for. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the motor, they will most likely retro-fit a gen 3

jordanrichard | 9 marzo 2019

Kirk, just how much do you think it will cost to fix the problem, that you are looking to avoid paying?

SO | 9 marzo 2019

This video may help. Several on YouTube.

Silver2K | 9 marzo 2019

JR, The gen 3 retro-fit is $400, which seems cheap to me unless you like DIY

Bighorn | 9 marzo 2019

My motor ran for months without failing. I pulled the fuse briefly, but then the door doesn’t work. Loop a string around the handle so you can still operate the door.

Silver2K | 9 marzo 2019

I find the OPs problem interesting now that I think about it. When the driver's door handle fails, it is repaired within 24-48 max by mobile service

Bighorn | 9 marzo 2019

Well, it’s essentially failed in that it presumable no longer presents due to the broken paddle gear.

jordanrichard | 9 marzo 2019

Silver2K, they don’t need to replace the door handle for it failing to come out. The failed part is the gear and that can be replaced. That is exactly what happen to my front passenger door back in Nov. Motor was running, handle stayed in. Pulled the fuse with tech support’s assistance. Mobile service came to my office and replaced the broken gear. $243.

Silver2K | 9 marzo 2019

Policy has changed from what I am getting. They could have changed out the motor on my handle, but they replaced the whole unit to minimize future issues with the handles.

NKYTA | 9 marzo 2019

@jordan, some of us have older cars than yours. ;-)

I’m doing a SvC visit pre 100k/ESA, and I’m hoping that is the last Gen II handle, but I would have to check history.

Bighorn | 9 marzo 2019

The “gear” is about a 30 cent part. Some are offering a 3D printed stainless version to prevent future breakage.

Silver2K | 10 marzo 2019

I think gear replacement is a good idea in less corrosive areas in our nation. Whenever they changed out my handles, I would have corrosive wires or a burnt motor. The gen 3 handles have a seal around the edge, but not on the driver side for some reason to help minimize such issues

jordanrichard | 10 marzo 2019

When Mobile service was working on my door handle, he showed me the broken gear and it simple broke. I don’t recall seeing any corrosion that would have caused the breakage.

Ironically the handle that moves the most, the driver’s handle, is still the original handle from Mar 2014. I have my door handles set to only have th driver’s side present when I reach the car. The gear he put in looked different and he said it was a new design/material.

Bighorn | 10 marzo 2019

The part breaks from mechanical stress presumably from slamming the door. No corrosion was evident on any of mine.

kirkdayton | 13 marzo 2019

Now another handle broke last night. Right rear that had been replaced not long ago. Sure hope they don't put this handle on the dragon space capsule.