Model Y Unveil,Link

Model Y Unveil,Link

sbeggs | 9 marzo 2019

Thanks, @Mike83!

carlk | 9 marzo 2019
Tropopause | 9 marzo 2019

Hope the Y unveil will break the short-effect happening lately.

jordanrichard | 10 marzo 2019

I expect all the naysayers to say that the Y will take away sales of the 3. Then they will of course bring up how difficult it was for Tesla to bring the 3 to market, yada, yada, yada......

TabascoGuy | 11 marzo 2019

I agree that Tesla had some difficulties bringing the 3 to market. Still, they shaved years off the time legacy automakers take to bring a new model to market while building an entirely new assembly line in the process. All in all, they did an outstanding job. You don't hear much about that in the news either.

jimglas | 11 marzo 2019

@TG: And an unbelievable car at that

Mike83 | 11 marzo 2019

In reality with the high unexpected reservations(something like 400,000) of the M3 Elon upped the manufacturing getting the M3 a year early. Of course doing so was where the scale up had issues but they solved them. We got ours in Jan 2018 and what a great car it is.

carlk | 11 marzo 2019

Model 3 demand was a big unknown at that time. Reservation number was a big help in planning for production. Model Y is pretty much a sure thing now. Just crank out as many as you could possibly do.

Roger1 | 11 marzo 2019

Model Y is 70% the same as model 3. Different body and interior on the same chassis. Bet it comes off the same assembly lines. 10% higher price for the buyer but probably not 10% more expensive to build. Should get to market before the Audi Q4/VW equivalent in 2020. | 11 marzo 2019

Actually I expect much of the interior to be identical - dash and front seats very likely the same. The entire front end could be the same too, but we'll know in a couple of days.

Elon already stated assembly will be in NV Gigafactory, so it appears Tesla is not going to run the Y on the M3 line. Hard to say if the Y will be more profitable than the 3. Likely during the early ramp, it will have poorer margins than the 3, which is now made in high volumes.

jordanrichard | 11 marzo 2019

Roger1, where did you get that the interior will be different?. Just as the X shares the same dash as the Model S, I expect the Y to share the dash with the 3.

jordanrichard | 11 marzo 2019

Also Roger1, The Model Y is going to be built in NV at the Gigafactory, not in Fremont where the 3 is built.

carlk | 11 marzo 2019

The Model 3's minimalist interior is not just there to please millennials. It's designed for easy robotic assembly like most other parts of the car. Elon said he learned the lesson in the Model 3 ramp up so he likely will be careful when designing the Y and the Y production line. Although I don't think he will ever give up the align dreadnaught manufacturing idea. He will be taking incremental steps but I'm sure the Y production will be one step closer to that.