OTA Updates

OTA Updates

Sentry Mode

OJAI77 | 11 marzo 2019

So, after weeks of hearing about Sentry and Dog modes rolling out to some customers I finally received an update last night. It contains just Dog Mode and a folding mirrors update. That was it. Sentry Mode is still not ready or ???

jimglas | 11 marzo 2019

sentry only for model 3 so far

nsin11 | 11 marzo 2019

Sentry. I dont see dogmode.

SCCRENDO | 11 marzo 2019

I got the update on my Model 3 last night. I know I got dog mode but I did not see sentry mode. With dog mode I would still be concerned that someone seeing a dog in the car will still smash a window. What is sentry mode?

EVRider | 12 marzo 2019

@SCCRENDO: What is Sentry Mode? Where have you been hiding for the last month? :-)


I got 2019.5.15 on our Model 3 yesterday, but the release notes didn’t mention Sentry Mode. However, the mobile app has a setting for it. Not sure if I gave it or not — will check on the touchscreen later.

SCCRENDO | 12 marzo 2019

@EVrider. Too busy fighting with climate change denier trolls. LOL
Yes I did find it and turned it on when I parked at the office today. Besides turning it on in the menu is there something else to do as I didn't see anything different when I left the car

Pricee2 | 13 marzo 2019

Sentry mode IIRC correctly is under safety and security or some such. Then scroll down.

alexsmith789 | 13 marzo 2019

I tried installing the updates by through OTA updates but it failed so I have checked to know more about the problem so that I can solve it.

NoMoPetrol | 14 marzo 2019

Bump past the Asian drivel.

EVRider | 14 marzo 2019

I did get Sentry Mode with 2019.5.15, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes.