Refund of Model 3 deposit

Refund of Model 3 deposit

I am seriously getting tired of the crap with Tesla. I own a Model X 2018 (bought on 12/31/18) and a model S. I placed an order and deposit back in April of 2016 for a model 3, the day after they were available to order.

I canceled the order when I decided to get the X. The first week of January I canceled the order and filled out the bank information for an ACH payment to my Wells Fargo account.

Here we are in March, no refund and the TOTAL RUNAROUND from EVERYONE at Tesla.

This is ridiculous that this company get a refund sorted.

The minute to cancel, it's gone from your my tesla account. I have no idea the order #, etc.

What a joke.

Anyone else go through this?

lbowroom | 11 marzo 2019

Curious why an ACH transfer? In 2017 I canceled my reservation and the $1000 was refunded to the credit card I placed the reservation with. I wasn't given an ACH option. Took 30 days.

tracy | 11 marzo 2019

Refunding to the CC I put it on was not an option as that card is no longer valid. The ACH should only be 7 business days to handle. It's been 2 months....this is poor customer service.

lbowroom | 11 marzo 2019

Clearly something has gone wrong. Have you talked to your delivery advisor or contacted tesla through the website or phone call? I assume so because you say everyone is giving you the run around. That's pretty vague though. No one can really help you without details.

Interesting purchasing circumstance as well. I assume you went from waiting for the 35k Model 3 to buying a $100,000 model X? Interesting choice.

tracy | 12 marzo 2019

I Have a 2014 p85 wtih AP1. I bought the X through my company because of the depreciation rules for my business. I can write off the X, I cannot write off the Model 3P I was looking at other than the payment over time.

As for the refund, I have been all over my OA that helped me with the X. I ordered the 3 online and therefore there is no one other than Tesla customer service to reply every 3 days back to a message.

Just this am, they emailed stating there was a "Glitch in the system" that caused my refund not to go through 2 months ago and that they are re-entering it.

Funny how the timing on this works out. I wonder how many other customers are chasing them for $$$$.

Looking into the refund there was a system side error which caused the refund to not be sent. We have since resubmitted your information and are processing another refund. I will update you when I get more information regarding check details, time frames, etc.

JCTSLAM3 | 12 marzo 2019

Stick to your plan or decisions and stop reading the silly threads of this forum.

Carl Thompson | 12 marzo 2019


Are you saying you cancelled an _order_ or did you cancel a _reservation_? (You used the words "deposit" and "order.") I.e, are you being refunded $1,000 or $3,500?

Not sure if it makes a difference but so we are all on the same page...

OCModel3 | 12 marzo 2019

You must admit that switching from a credit payment that cannot simply be credited back added to the challenge of this issue. Banks are able to easily reverse credit card charges (even if you had to have a new card number issued) as long as it back to the same account holder. But then converting it to a different payment method through ACH is a different process altogether.

Unfortunately you just have to stay on it until you get your refund but given the age of the transaction and the change in repayment method, it is understandable why it has not gone smoothly.

Teslafast | 12 marzo 2019

Not sure why your credit card would still not be valid. That is just weird. Not sure I would let a credit card become valid if I was due a refund back on it.

Happy Camper | 12 marzo 2019

Yes going thru the same thing as you. I bought in January and was told at the Service Center, while working with an advisor to make the purchase, that I couldn't use the $1000 deposit towards the purchase -- that it had to be refunded to the credit card used for the deposit (and that it would take 2 or 3 days). Tried to get a hold of that advisor 2 weeks later and he apparently didn't work there any more. I then got a hold of someone else who told me a check would be in the mail within 30 days. Waited 30+ days, contacted Tesla again, and was told the check will be in the mail in 30 days. I LOVE my Telsa, but am quickly losing all faith in how they treat their owners. Unfortunately there's no recourse other than to wait and hope they eventually will send the deposit back. Either that or a lawyer doesn't get his deposit back and decides to file a class action -- they we'd ber lucky to get 10% of the $1K back. It's a shame that Tesla gets this bad reputation but unfortunately it appears to be well deserved, and I continually tell folks that ask me about my 3 that I love it but to be very wary because, at least in my experience, Telsa doesn't seem to care about you once you make a purchase. I really hope Tesla succeeds but don't see how they will treating owners like this.

mrskwok07 | 20 giugno 2019

I would like to apply for the refund of my deposit for Tesla Model 3, please advise the proceed, thanks

82bert | 20 giugno 2019

Haha. Seriously?

jjgunn | 20 giugno 2019

I applied my deposit on the purchase of the car. Tesla refunded it toward the purchase of the car. No issues.