Car shut down

Car shut down

So I'm driving home and suddenly I get an error message " Car needs service" followed by " automatic braking system disabled" and " power reduced" I immediately feel the difference in the cars power and as I get to red light and come to a complete stop, the car shuts down completely. Light turn green but my car doesn't move. I tried turning on the hazard lights and nothing. I tried putting it in drive and nothing. Has this happened to anyone?

Lorenzryanc | 13 marzo 2019

Sounds like you may have blown the "Fuse". Did the door open normally? Your hazards not working is odd since that's the 12v system, but if you used the emergency handle to exit, perhaps the 12v system is kaput too. Fuse is simple fix, 12v is simple fix, but I know that doesn't help when your car wont move. Keep us posted.

Bighorn | 13 marzo 2019

A Power Down has gotten some out of this situation.

apodbdrs | 13 marzo 2019

No I haven't had that ever happen. Sounds like you lost all power? Did you attempt to perform a hard reboot, by holding down both scroll buttons and the brake? Time to call mobile service. Agree with Lorenzryance above.

Danielalv17 | 13 marzo 2019

I did a power down, I followed instruction from the service department and still no help. They ended up sending a tow truck. Car is with them now. Even the service department rep was baffled. At one point they couldn't get the car to go into park, it just kept rolling. Scary situation. I'll post when they call back.

Pepperidge | 13 marzo 2019

Could be 12V battery grounding problem.

Sgtmajbignutswife | 12 giugno 2019

I was so excited, I picked up my CPO model s from delivery. I got on the 680 in mid day traffic and a “call service” flashed and the car jerked and shut down on me. I literally wanted to cry. Do they not take these cars through a 21 point inspection before they hand I the key. A flatbed arrived and I paid to have it towed back to the hub and I asked for a refund?

apodbdrs | 12 giugno 2019

Suggestion: When these anomalies occur try and take picture of the monitor and submit a "Bug Report" if possible.

FISHEV | 12 giugno 2019

"Sounds like you may have blown the "Fuse""

I'm sure owner has blown fuse but this sounds like Tesla blew a fuse but just crazy it happens. I've had two screen reboots while driving. And we have multiple reports of both so we know it is happening a lot.

Tesla has to stop with the "Full Self Driving" and FIX THE DAMNED CAR so regular car stuff works. Tesla is now into the regular customer phase of sales and regular customers are not going to put up with being a beta tester for a tablet with wheels. Tesla is doing too much and doing everything inconsistently. Focus on getting the car working and bag all new development until the basic car and functions are rock solid. | 12 giugno 2019

@FISHEV - So which automaker is paying you for this FUD?

Let me know of the automaker you support that has never had a failure. Just because a couple of people have a failure does not make everyone have it. ICE cars fail far more spectacularly, especially when the engine freezes up and you are brought to a dead stop faster than maximum brakes.

In 6+ years in multiple Tesla's, I've never had the car fail in any way that stopped me from driving. Every friend I personally know who also own Teslas also have never had a failure that stopped driving. I'm not saying Tesla is perfect, but they have been the most reliable cars I've owned. This is against a number of luxury brands known for reliability (Lexus for one).

FISHEV | 12 giugno 2019

"Just because a couple of people have a failure does not make everyone have it."

But frequent reports of the same failure means a LOT OF TESLAS HAVE A PROBLEM.

And it's a problem they should not have and one you don't see from other car manufacturers.

Pointing out all the things that don't work right on the Tesla to friends with everything from a Hummer to a Panamera E-Hybrid is a humbling experience.

rxlawdude | 12 giugno 2019

You should consider not being humbled, sell your Tesla, and begone from here.

Cclcal | 12 giugno 2019

my guess: rear drive unit failure

apodbdrs | 12 giugno 2019

I have hear of very few total power shut downs, maybe less than 3, in the two or three years I have been following the forum, so is @FISHED is exaggerating.

Cclcal | 12 giugno 2019

@apodbdrs - maybe exaggerating a little but if you count the op, me, and the other op who just posted on this forum the past week - there's your 3 within a few months. im sure there's many more that don't post and don't join forums....

tonyhua | 16 giugno 2019

Please keep us post it
How tesla fixed your car?