Apple car play

Apple car play

Will Tesla ever incorporate or add Apple CarPlay so that I can have Siri read text and originate text messages while driving. Of course it would be great to have apps like audible and other apps that are built into CarPlay. Being an Apple enthusiast and wanting my iPhone Xs max to be fully integrated is not too much to ask for what is probably the most high tech car on the road.

NKYTA | 16 marzo 2019

Not likely. Plenty of previous posts on this, some want it, some don’t. | 16 marzo 2019

One thought is Tesla is very strong on safety. Some reports show texting (even by voice) is so distracting it is equivalent to driving drunk - not very good for safety. Other automakers just don't care - great if you total your car and have to buy a new one - more money in their pocket.

Anyway, much more pro/con here:

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carlk | 16 marzo 2019

Tesla has a very good voice activated navigation system. Everything else when driving a car is not necessary. Although do have voice activated phone call and music selection. Texting is just too much of a distraction. I actually wonder why no one has filed lawsuit against auto companies or Apple when they got into an accident while voice texting,

Clifspears | 17 marzo 2019

OK - so let's assume the idea of texting and driving is BAD - what about having the car (SIRI) read your incoming text and then being able to make the decision to pull over to respond. So, now what's your argument - chewing gum and walking at the same time - listening to Audible (audio on books) - I agree studies have shown that the VAST majority of drivers are NOT tuned in to driving while behind the wheel even if there are not additional distraction other than mental distractions. I am definitely reconsidering my order - I want my iPhone heavily integrated into the car in every way possible.

carlk | 17 marzo 2019

You should definitely buy another car and give your entire life to Apple.