My New Phone Works 100% With my M3

My New Phone Works 100% With my M3

Rather than a complaint here is some good news. A week ago I upgraded my phone from a Motorola Droid 2 with Andriod 7.0 to a Motorola MotoG6 with Android 8.0. I don't know if it is because of the latest Android or the new phone, but it has opened the door, run the car and connected my phone for music via BlueTooth flawlessly every time since the upgrade. With my old phone it was pretty hit or miss. Sometimes it did all 3 but much of the time it missed one or the other or all unless I went into and out of airplane mode. Very frustrating. I often just used my card key. It is nice to have things operating like they are supposed to!

Tesla2018 | 16 marzo 2019

I have the same problem of mine not working when I had Android 7.0 on my phone. It also have Bluetooth 4.0.

I bought a new phone and it had Android 8.1 + Bluetooth 5.0 and it has worked every time so far.

Old phone was LG Stylo 2 , new version is LG Stylo 4 on Virgin Mobile.

Frank99 | 16 marzo 2019

Bluetooth 4.2 (and newer) should work reliably as a car key; 4.0 is definitely a problem.