Purchased FSD for $2K, its gonna be worth it for the future

Purchased FSD for $2K, its gonna be worth it for the future

Hi Everyone, so I purchased EAP in Jan 2019 for $5500 after the trial they sent to my M3, I took delivery of my car in August 2018 without EAP.

it is a bummer I did not wait a couple more months to get the bigger discount of both FSD and AP in March 2019.

but I am taking advantage of FSD being offered for $2K.

all that purchase FSD now will get AP 3.0 hardware retro fit included.

what do you all think?

the price of FSD is going back up to I think $4K or $5K starting 3/18/19.

BlackMagic | 18 marzo 2019

Bought the FSD upgrade to EAP on 3/15 but have not yet seen the update on the car yet. Chatted with CS and they said 3-5 business days. I do see FSD on the details of my 2018 Model 3 AWD in my account. CS said FSD will work with the current HW for the current features that are developed now (recognizing stop signs/speed limit signs). They also said no official word has come out about the HW upgrade yet so he not tell me if I was going to get a free HW upgrade or not. Perhaps when those features need an upgrade they will upgrade it.

Hal Fisher | 18 marzo 2019

I haven’t bought FSD and seriously don’t know when i would use. You can use AP on the streets now, just have to brake for lights. Level 4 or 5 would be worth something, but 2 or 3 I basically have now. I don’t want to be strung along having to shell out more to get to level 4, unless it’s like just $3k oppose to $7k, but level 4 is a mars shot from where they are now.

Hal Fisher | 18 marzo 2019

And then i talked myself into it haha! I realizing it would pay for itself if it avoids just one accident. I jump in and out of lanes a lot and as you know, the mirrors are not the greatest, and having to turn AP on and off would be a hassle, so I just did it. Hell, it will push me to level up at my job, kind of a pre-reward for doing that. Not like im actually strapping myself into a rocket to go to mars haha!

Deeejay02 | 18 marzo 2019

I purchased it last night (3/17) I bought a 2014 MS P85+ new and didn’t wait 3 months for AP1 because I didn’t think they could do it and get it approved and 6 months later, my MS was obsalite and decresed dramatically in value. I believe in Tesla and will be loving my purchase sooner than later.

slabella | 20 marzo 2019

Hello, i purchased the Full Self-Driving Capability feature on 3/18 and i am hoping I don't have to spend anymore money on my M.3 DM version. I love the car and I could of purchased the P model and all the features on OCT 2018 bit i did not. But i am NOT disappointed with my decision. Yea, we payed more but maybe Tesla will honer us as a good customer.

Since Oct 2018, I have seen a ton of enhancements to the Car's firmware and it's pretty cool! Not seen this with all the cars i purchased on the last 45 years and i have purchased about 25 in my days all kinds, make's and models. So this M3 is probably my last of the KID sport car now that i am 65... so let's see how this car and all it's new cool features stacks up with the test of time!

M3, it's been a fun ride so far! And spending my last optional dollar will be an interesting one once Full Self-Driving Capability is made available for me in this M3.

More to come!

CharleyBC | 20 marzo 2019

We purchased the $2K FSD upgrade Friday (15 March) with the rumor of the price going back up. I received no email confirmation or receipt. (Unlike when I buy from the Tesla parts department, which promptly sends receipts.) I just looked this morning, 5 days later, and my credit card hasn’t been charged. But it does now show as part of my configuration, so they know I bought it. Are others seeing this? Maybe they’re hesitating and contemplating giving it free to 2018 EAP customers. (One can always dream.)

gdepau | 20 marzo 2019

I hesitated and thought I was past the hump when the Sunday deadline passed and I did not purchase FSD for $2K. I had EAP already and thought I would not use FSD because I already had most of the features, auto lane change, NOA, self parking, summon etc. Tesla outplayed me by not increasing the price and I could not take it anymore, I jumped in today and purchased. If nothing happens with FSD for 4-5 years I think the resale value of my M3 DM will be better in the long run. Well played Tesla, well played.

sdavis1819 | 20 marzo 2019

Just purchased FSD for 2K. couldn't pass it up. Not updated yet.

cmh95628 | 20 marzo 2019

My card was charged within a few minutes when I ordered FSD.

CASEMAN | 20 marzo 2019

Bought it today for $2k. Hoping it will soon enhance EAP and read stop signs and signal lights as well as upgrade hardware when full FSD comes to fruition.