Are you still on your 1st drive unit?

Are you still on your 1st drive unit?

2013 85S 71.000 miles

I am on my 3rd drive unit now.
First one replaced for noise and failure.
Second one replaced last week (3/2019) for a whine during acceleration.
What drive unit are you on?
What year was your MS manufacturered?

sbeggs | 23 marzo 2019

2014 Model S85, on second drive unit.

Replaced at 30,000 miles due to increasing noise.

kevincwong | 23 marzo 2019

2013 TMS 85, original drive unit with 67K miles. There's a little noise under light-moderate acceleration between 25-35mph, and a more pronounced noise at >75% throttle, but nothing to be concerned about for now.

barrykmd | 23 marzo 2019

2015 85D 46K miles, first DU.

GHammer | 23 marzo 2019

2014 P85 second. Replaced at 30K due to milling noise.

Bighorn | 23 marzo 2019

Current drive unit has 173k miles. Ceramic versions haven’t needed replacements to my knowledge.

tstolz | 23 marzo 2019

2015 85D with 125,000 miles .. no problems. As Bighorn mentioned .. the ceramic versions are solid!

patrick40363 | 23 marzo 2019

2015 85D 45K miles on my first drive unit.

p.c.mcavoy | 23 marzo 2019

Mid-June 2016 build refresh MS90D. Rear drive unit replaced at 32k miles. Front still original and with 43k miles.

Rear drive issue was described as likely a marginal false fault for CAN throttle overload. GIven it was second repeat occurrence which results in the car suddenly going dead accelerator, coast to side of the road, and unable to shift out of part, service decided to replace the rear drive unit.

NKYTA | 23 marzo 2019

2012 MS, DU replaced at 28k, which was then, longer than most.

AERODYNE | 23 marzo 2019

June 2015 MS85D, first and hopefully last DU.

Don't know if I have the ceramic bearings...

williamweiss21 | 24 marzo 2019

Late 2013 P85, #19530, 3 DU's.

tes-s | 24 marzo 2019

I'm still on my first replacement DU. :)

2013 S85 with 150k miles.

DU was replaced at 1 year and 28k miles.

ATCRomes | 24 marzo 2019

2nd DU. Dec 2013 85. 30k or so when replaced a couple years back. Milling noise at 40ish mph, and during hard acceleration. No noise now, at 53k (I dont drive many miles). Which DUs are ceramic?

tstolz | 24 marzo 2019

I think they did the change around July or August 2014 if I remember right ... if you have an earlier car with the steel bearings it isn’t a big deal since Tesla will replace your bearings with the updated ceramic ones under the 8 year unlimited mileage warranty! Drive units are now reliable!!

mvotb | 24 marzo 2019

2016 S 60 replaced at about 9000 mi. 99% power loss, no noise.

plugzin | 24 marzo 2019

12/2016 90D, 38K, still on original DU's

kawdennis | 24 marzo 2019

2013 P85 sept build 84K miles 3rd drive unit

txakoli | 24 marzo 2019

Sep. 2014 Model S, 50K miles. I'm on my 3rd DU

Original replaced at 22K miles, low speed whine. Replacement had ceramic bearings.
2nd DU replaced at 44K miles. Dashboard faults appeared. Diagnosis was an internal fluid leak.

txakoli | 24 marzo 2019


Look at the paperwork. If the DU part number ends in -Q, then it has ceramic bearings. Per your timeline, it's likely you have a DU with ceramic bearings.

txakoli | 24 marzo 2019

*2014 Model S85

Michael Emrich | 24 marzo 2019

11/2012 S85: original drive unit until traded in after 4 years and close to 50,000 miles for:
6/2016 S75: original drive until with 35,000 miles today.
3/2017 X100D: original drive unit today.

bernhard | 24 marzo 2019

85D from Dec '15 with 72000 km. The drives haven't failed completely, but at times have very loud whining. Tesla doesn't consider this a fault, but the first approx 15000 km, there was no such noise. Both front and rear units have loud whining. I would never recommend the D versions due to noise. I just wish that teams would develop a fix for this.

iefbr14 | 24 marzo 2019

March 2015 MS 85. On 2nd DU (Q version). Replaced last year at 37K for low speed (<25mph) milling sound.

Silver2K | 24 marzo 2019


evaandmarty | 24 marzo 2019

2015 85D
250,000 kms original drive train
Original 12 volt battery

Bighorn | 24 marzo 2019

Some failed completely. One of mine did and I’m aware of several others. Broken gear box.

Chunky Jr. | 24 marzo 2019

2103 P85 with 37K miles. Still on first drive unit.

I am on my 4th MCU, though. And about to get my fourth or fifth 12v battery.

mcIary | 24 marzo 2019


We’re not talking about mcu’s or batteries...



rsingh05 | 24 marzo 2019

@bighorn - was this a problem with the older models? Do you know which year Tesla addressed it?

NKYTA | 24 marzo 2019

@rsingh, my 2012 DU was replaced with the ceramic bearing in mid-late-2014. So likely they fixed the problem earlier that year.

@Chunky, ugh. Just the one replacement for me.

@theRealMclary, is that really you?? :-)

billc918 | 24 marzo 2019

I have a model s 70d purchased in August 2015 new. At 52,000 miles I have had no problems with the drive units, handles, or anything else in the car. Best car I ever owned and I am 74 years old.

GHammer | 24 marzo 2019

@NKYTA Sure looks like the real mcIary (capitol i as a lowercase L).

Doublelift | 25 marzo 2019

2016 75D 51K miles zero DU problems. A/C system self destructed last year, they had it 2 weeks to gut and replace, while I joyfully drove the loaner MS the whole time. Love this car. I’ll never have a DU problem that matters, I will trade it in well before 8 years.

Bighorn | 25 marzo 2019

I believe it was mostly early performance models that broke the transmission gear, mine is a 2013 P85+. The milling sound fixed by ceramic bearings was common to all cars.

Haggy | 25 marzo 2019

For those of you who have no idea why this thread exists, it's because the original drive unit had bearings that caused a milling noise over time. Early on, Tesla swapped drive units, and they eventually found a fix that kept the problem from coming back.

That's why they changed the warranty to 8 years, and unlimited miles in most cases. But what's important to know is that it's not a problem on any recent year cars (2016 or later, but not sure about early 2016) and the drive units themselves didn't have a problem. Tesla could have taken down the drive unit and replaced the bearings. Instead, they swapped them for a remanufactured one that met the latest specs. It got customers back on the road faster. On paper it looked like a failed drive unit problem rather than a noisy bearing problem, but Tesla actually fixed a problem in a way that was better and faster.

Rather than sending your drive unit to the factory to be rebuilt, and sent back to you when they got to it, you'd get the first one off the queue, and they'd have you come in when they had it in the shop if they didn't have one already.

I have a 2014. Mine was replaced in 12/2016 with a revision Q drive unit, which was the latest for the rear (non-P) and works perfectly. Those who needed more than one change had older revisions with the first change. I'm not sure what the first revision was with ceramic bearings, or what revision was the latest for the front or P versions. There were some 2015 that didn't have the ceramic bearings. I don't remember if early 2016 cars had them.

For those who had more than one change, if you could post the revision, front/rear/performance it would be helpful. It's the last character on the part number on the invoice. | 25 marzo 2019

2014 P85D (thus late-2014). 45,000 miles, still on first drive unit. I do notice some milling noise and had it checked by Decatur GA service....they said it was within specs.

Silver2K | 25 marzo 2019
Nexxus | 2 aprile 2019

2016 Model S 75D, 46K miles, original DU.

Eletrek | 2 aprile 2019

2012 MS original drive unit replaced in Oct. 2018 at about 92,000 miles. 85kw failed about 2 weeks later and was replaced with 90kw battery that full charges to about 275 miles.

Sonofman | 2 aprile 2019

My wife's '13 P85+ had the drive unit replaced last month due to milling/whining sound under load. It took them less than a day, covered under warranty. Now it's brand new which is pretty sweet.

My P90DL is on the original units, no noise.

AAviator | 2 aprile 2019

I'm on my 5th drive unit.
1 2 changed for milling sounds. 1 failed completely leaving me stranded (a day after it had been changed for milling sounds, that was probably infant mortality) and 1 entered limp home mode with lot of warning messages.

158,400 miles 2014 S85

Qwiksilver | 2 aprile 2019

Did Tesla give you reasons for the multiple DU failures?
You’d think if it was the bearings, the first DU replacement would fix it for good, they they reportedly use ceramic bearings now.

kwrammohan | 7 settembre 2019

I just had my drive train replaced in my 2013 Tesla Model S85. The car has 37,800 miles when the drive-train quit. My wife was driving it on the freeway 140 miles away from home when she suddenly lost power but fortunately could pull off the road. Tesla service was outstanding and she was back on the road in 2 days, and the whole thing was covered under warranty. We received NO paperwork after the repairs were completed, but I am going to request that so I can find out if I have the part with ceramic bearings. There is a safety concern here, and the car did make a high pitch sound just before this happened. I wonder if any accidents have happened because of this. Does National Highway Safety Administration know about this and should this be a recall?

kwrammohan | 7 settembre 2019

Incidentally, I did report this to the National Highway Safety Administration who should be aware of this problem. There is a safety issue here. I don't know if accidents have happened due to the drive failure which it can. I would urge you folks to report it as well.

Daisy the Road ... | 8 settembre 2019

I understand that it affected you personally, leaving your wife 140 miles from home. But, how is this any different from a drive train failure in other vehicles?

NoMoPetrol | 8 settembre 2019

Bought a CPO 2013 S85 with 33,400 miles on it. I'm just shy of 70,000 with the only DU I know about.

PrescottRichard | 8 settembre 2019

That post just reeks of FUD. I’m getting very cynical I guess.

Bighorn | 8 settembre 2019

Current drive unit has 203k miles on it. Early metal bearings lasted around 25k mile. Long since solved.

trevor58 | 8 settembre 2019

Second drive unit.
187,000 miles mind you.

Silver2K | 9 settembre 2019

Had water ingress recently on a drive unit with over 100k miles that ran fine. My car is on its 3rd rear, original front unit