List of currently available voice commands

List of currently available voice commands

Where can I see a list of currently available voice commands?

EVRider | 2 aprile 2019

The owner’s manual. More commands are coming — see

elisabeth.murray1 | 14 novembre 2019

which are the voice commands available in the Tesla Model 3 at this moment? Nov. 2019

EVRider | 14 novembre 2019

The latest Model 3 Owner’s Manual was published on Oct 30, so it should be pretty current:

SalisburySam | 17 novembre 2019

The current command list is pretty limited. Details are in the Owner’s Manual in several spots:

Overview (p133)
Call a contact (p133)
Navigate to a location (p133)
Listen to Internet music (p133)
Activate Sentry Mode (p134)
Activate Santa Mode (p195)
Give feedback to Tesla, ala “Bug Reports” (p199)