Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

gordon.child | 3 aprile 2019

Any info on what version number this will be? Just to get some idea on when it will arrive.

reed_lewis | 4 aprile 2019 will get it when you get it.... There is no way to determine when it will happen based on version numbers...

EVRider | 4 aprile 2019

No version number was reported, but you’ll hear from owners here when they start receiving it. Be on the lookout for threads like “Navigate on Autopilot almost killed me!” :-)

EVRider | 4 aprile 2019

Update: I’m reading reports in the Model 3 forum that people have started receiving 2019.8.5 and it includes this feature.

jimglas | 4 aprile 2019

I still get routine inappropriate lane change to the left when passing right side offramp when using NOA on freeways

EVRider | 4 aprile 2019

@jimglas: I’ve found lane change suggestions to be inconsistent when using NoA, so I don’t plan to turn off lane change confirmations until I’m sure it works well enough.

I got 2019.8.5 on our Model 3 this evening, and I expect I’ll get the same on our Model S any time now, since we usually get updates for both cars around the same time.

Yodrak. | 4 aprile 2019

"I still get routine inappropriate lane change to the left when passing right side offramp when using NOA on freeways"

I got this also on a recent long distance trip on I-70.

I've also encountered a situation in my daily commute where NoA tries to put me in the wrong lane for my exit. The right two lanes bear off to the right and that is the continuation of the interstate I'm on. The third lane goes straight ahead and is my exit. The left lane turns left and is the entrance ramp to a different Interstate. NoA tries to put me in the right two lanes rather than the third lane.

I just updated to 19.8.5 tonight, it will be a while before I use NoA again to see if either of the issues continue or have been resolved.

SCCRENDO | 4 aprile 2019

Just updated to 19.18.5 and it is the update described. I have declined automatic lane change because I do a lot of driving on the 91 express lanes and the carpool lanes and the NOA doesn’t seem to recognize these lanes and often tries to direct me away from these lanes. I find many lane change recommendations innapropriate

SCCRENDO | 4 aprile 2019

Tried it this evening. Surprisingly it was pretty good. You do need to hold the wheel on lane changes and you do need to remain alert.

jimglas | 5 aprile 2019

my concern is the unnecessary lane changes when passing freeway offramps

SCCRENDO | 5 aprile 2019

I only used it selectively last night. I need to give it a true trial on the toll roads | 5 aprile 2019

@SCCRENDO - I suspect you already know, but there is an option (defaulted off) that you can tell the car that HOA lanes are ok. In the Controls -> Autopilot section. It might help to turn the option on.

SCCRENDO | 5 aprile 2019

@TeslaTap. I have it on but it does not seem to work where I am.

Efontana | 5 aprile 2019


I think the algorithm is not time of day specific and it is avoiding situations it is not good at, in prep for full self driving.

Cars merging into ones lane is challenging.If in the left lane less of this happens

wisam.alrawi | 5 aprile 2019

I got the update morning of April 5th. 2019.8.5 added the new Autopilot to my Model S :)
I love it. As people said. You need to hold the steering wheel to switch lanes. Works really well. Tried it once though. LOL