Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth issues

I have recent software update on my X last Friday, after which the problem started. This is particularly when making calls through Tesla Bluetooth, connections are fine but call voice is very very bad, either of us on all can hear clearly. I am not sure what the issue is? Bluetooth streaming is fine, only the issue is with call making. Anyone experiencing similar issue or have a solution?

jimglas | 16 aprile 2019

try reboot?

SCCRENDO | 16 aprile 2019


MyMXRed | 16 aprile 2019

No luck tried, forget the device on phone, rebooted phone (Iphone & Android...not samsung) and rebooted car, added the device back still no luck.

SCCRENDO | 16 aprile 2019

Time to call Tesla

EVRider | 16 aprile 2019

It's always helpful to say which version you got when you updated. There's more than one "recent update" out there.

commercial | 17 giugno 2019

Phone Bluetooth worked for a month or 2 in my 2019 S. Software update killed voice connection. Tesla emailed me and said they won't make Bluetooth backwards compatible like most computer software. It worked when I took delivery - now it doesn't. This is wrong! | 17 giugno 2019

@commercial - How old is your phone? I can understand if your phone is 8 or 10 years old it's time to consider a new phone. Anything made in the last 5 years should work fine, but Bluetooth is a fickle technology. So many hardware versions, and then the software stack on it has also been changing all the time. There there a many bugs in the hardware chips, for which software can often get around, but not always. The older or stranger the device the more bugs are typically in the hardware. This includes all major brands - from Apple to Samsung - as they all use the same bluetooth chips. Each generation uses better chips with fewer bugs. In some cases supporting the newer/better designed hardware makes it close to impossible to support old buggy hardware. Yep, it's not fair, but that's the reality of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth group had really bad specs at the start, which lead different venders to create incompatible parts. It's sort of amazing to me that it works as well as it does. P.S. I've done Bluetooth software development, and fully understand what horrors lie beneath the smooth marketing surface.

What phone and version are you using?