CCS to Tesla charging adapter

CCS to Tesla charging adapter

Can anyone help me in optaining a CCS to Tesla charging adapter. I am planning a trip to Canada and want to use the Sun Country Highway DC fast charge but I notice that I will need a CCS to Tesla adapter. My service center in Seattle advises they do not carry it. I noticed that they are provided free in all European Teslas and want to find out how I can get one. I have tried to contact parts in Vancouver and Calgary and get voice mail. Does anyone have any ideas?

EVRider | 16 aprile 2019

I don't know that you can get one in North America, and I also don't know if the CCS adapter in Europe is compatible with North American cars. Are there no superchargers along your route?

COrich | 16 aprile 2019

The EU charging port for the model.S and X is different than that used in Canada and the US. The CCS adapter you have seen is for the EU version of the S and X. It does not work with the Canadian and US versions of the vehicles.

There has been no news about a CCS adapter for our Teslas so far.

wisam.alrawi | 16 aprile 2019

I have friends in the Middle East who imported their Tesla from the US and they're running into this CCS issue. Tesla in the Middle East is using EU Model S and X. So those guys who imported their Tesla are right now out of luck.

CCS adapter for US made Tesla will be of a great help to those guys.

NKYTA | 16 aprile 2019

Sounds like a lack of planning just to get the new thing.

What are SuperChargers, again?

wisam.alrawi | 16 aprile 2019

"Sounds like a lack of planning just to get the new thing.

What are SuperChargers, again?"

Yup. That's what I recommended to them but they want to have the flexibility of using CCS chargers as well. Superchargers are only available in Jordan and UAE, at the moment. Other countries in the region may have CCS chargers but no Tesla Superchargers for the time being. Having that adapter as an accessory will be helpful to those guys.

mrporter6 | 17 aprile 2019

I want to go to Canada and there is a couple big holes in the current SC system. There is a SunCountry Highway system of fast DC chargers but they require a CCS connection. I wonder how the Canadian Tesla owners get around this problem?

Anubis | 17 aprile 2019

There are a ton of free level-3 CCS/Chademo chargers in my area, yet I can't use any (Canada). The Model 3 really needs a CCS adapter for North America.

DASM3 | 13 giugno 2019

Just wan to add my 2 cents. I agree that Tesla needs to have an adapter to allow more flexibility especially the Model 3 as the CHAdeMO adapter they sell is only for model X & S. And no way to use CCS in North America

fgbusteed | 14 giugno 2019

My guess is that there is some sort of marketing issue (ie: market control/legalities) stopping Tesla from making an adapter for CCS or CHAdeMO in the US. | 15 giugno 2019

@fgbusteed - I'd never thought of that. It wouldn't surprise me if CCS and or CHAdeMO do not want to allow Tesla connections. Rather foolish, but they may have felt burned by offering a far inferior system than Tesla's charging system.

wisam.alrawi | 16 giugno 2019

I'd like to bump up the issue with this as well.

US Imported Model 3 Teslas to Egypt need CHAdeMO access. US imported Model S and X need CCS adapter.
Probably other countries that Tesla do no serve at the moment import from the US due to lower pricing.
Any help to expedite the availability of those adapters is appreciated.

linda.dallis.smith | 23 giugno 2019

I would like to get a CCS/CHAdeMO adapters as well.

kevin | 24 giugno 2019

These new Charge America chargers only support CCS (200 kW) and CHAdeMO (50 kW). I had to drive all the way across the street to get to a Supercharger rather than charging at the hotel where I was staying. Whine.

reed_lewis | 24 giugno 2019

There are many areas where there are no Super Chargers. Just because @kevin was able to charge locally where he was does not mean that everyone is able to. A good example is New London, CT. The nearest Super charger is an hour away.

Plus a lot of Canada does not have super chargers also.

fgbusteed | 25 giugno 2019


The nearest charger that has anything over 5k is about 90miles away....NOT all the way across the street. Condescend somewhere else.

ccsccs7 | 25 giugno 2019

Any North American CCS adapters will not function on CCS stations outside of North America as the connectors differ.

bmcompanies | 9 luglio 2019

Need one of these as well. Electrify America is available at my gym

jnjeaniv | 14 agosto 2019

So as a new customer, before closing on the car, what will I need to travel through North Dakota for work? Model 3

reed_lewis | 14 agosto 2019

@jnjeaniv - I would get a CHAdeMO adapter, although looking at the map, that would not help too much either.

giskard | 15 agosto 2019

Hopefully all those crews building Superchargers around Winnipeg will head south when they're done. There has been a lot more activity up north on the past couple of weeks. It's starting to give some of us northerners hope ...

vishalksh | 17 agosto 2019

CCS adapter should be provided in USA and Canada as well. If it can be provided in Europe
then it should not be a problem to provide them in here. Because, here in BC Canada we have many of free fast dc chargers where we need that adapter.

reed_lewis | 19 agosto 2019

I have the CHAdeMO adapter which now works with the S/X/3. It only gives you about 40 or so kW, but it is still better than A/C charging.

In Canada they have a lot of CHAdeMO and CCS charging stations, so if you are driving around there, it is a good idea.

Techy James | 19 agosto 2019

While I am all for a CCS adapter due to better capacity versus CHAdeMO in North America, I also realize we are not just talking a simple 1 for 1 adapter to make the two adapters fit. You also have the Data communication between the Source (CCS Station) and the Target (Tesla Car Battery). In this case it's a safety issue, as the two must communicate or there is risk of more current being sent than battery can take.
I don't remember all the details, but there was reports of cell phones catching fire for exact same reason a third party charger was sending more juice than phone can handle and it caused the batteries to heat up to point the battery could explode.

sosmerc | 19 agosto 2019

So in the end, when the dust settles, we really need universal "standards" sort of like "building codes" for electrical circuits in construction. If it could only be as easy as plugging in a toaster :)........

GHammer | 19 agosto 2019

"If it could only be as easy as plugging in a toaster :)........"

Providing you dont want to use your toaster in other countries.

NKYTA | 19 agosto 2019

+1 hammer - shouldn’t be unsolvable, but might be.

Earl and Nagin ... | 20 agosto 2019

What if you happen to need 240 volts in the USA?
6-20, 6-30, 6-50, 14-30, 14-50, TT-30, . . .
Standardization only really works with commodity products.
Unfortunately, if we truly had one EV charging standard, it would be the first EV plug that was made the standard:
- We'd only have 15 amp J-1772 for 12 mph charging.
- Tesla wouldn't be here because they had to sell cars and the standard was not completed yet.
- Europe would still be different because they are careful to not use US standards.

sosmerc | 20 agosto 2019

Just asking, but WHY does Europe (or anyone else) have to be careful to NOT use US standards?
(and with regard to 240 volts...can't we have a standard for that too?)

Earl and Nagin ... | 20 agosto 2019

Welcome to the human race. The bible talks about the tower of Babylon where god cursed mankind by changing languages. That could be an answer.
For more secular explanation, I offer a few suggested answers:
1) different people have different ideas. The US believed that 220 volts was not as safe as 110 volts (perhaps the Edison -vs- Westinghouse (and Nikola Tesla), DC -vs- AC battle was involved).
2) parochial protectionism: They don't want it to be easy to purchase foreign-made appliances for use in their country
3) different tools for different things: CHAdeMO was designed for urban use of short-range EVs. They didn't expect for them to actually be used, they were primarily there just for peace of mind for EV drivers. Tesla designed Superchargers to support long distance driving. CCS initially was designed for slow charging speeds and to stall development in order to hurt Tesla and EVs by companies who did not want EVs or Tesla.
4) Optimize -vs- standardize: Sometimes someone comes up with a better way but not all agree.
5) Cheaper -vs- better: The classic VHS -vs- Beta VCR battle was between the better Sony standard which required a royalty to Sony -vs- a cheaper licensing fee for VHS.
. . . probably other reasons as well.

bryce | 9 ottobre 2019

So they just build a 300KW CCS combo charging bank at the walmart in Hesperia, CA I hear they may have plans to do this at all walmarts soon. But with that being said we need a working CCS combo adapter to be able to use these for teslas. It would really help me currently as there are no superchargers in the high desert near me. I have a type 2 charger at my home so im ok but when I need to charge faster I need to go down the pass and it takes a while plus those superchargers are only 72kw and always full currently.

Ruby2018 | 3 dicembre 2019

I agree, in my area near Erie Pennsylvania the superchargers a relatively far apart. On round trips to Cleveland or Buffalo, especially in the winter, it would be much more convenient for me to use Electrify America chargers if I had a CCS adapter. I don’t want to buy the CHAdeMO both because of its cost and 50 kW limitation. I hope Tesla will release a North American CCS adapter soon as there is now a compelling network for us to use it with.

brotchuby | 7 dicembre 2019

I am noticing more and more CCS chargers popping up in SoCal I live in Long Beach. where there currently is a few CCS chargers but no SuperChargers. I hope Tesla will release a North American CCS adapter soon as there is now a a good network of CCS charging locations. Additionally; I'm curious when the 72KW Superchargers well update to 150KW or better the 258KW charging? | 7 dicembre 2019

@brotchuby on the 72 kW Superchargers - these are a special version just for urban areas. There is no expectation they will ever be replaced with higher power versions. They are not designed or wired for higher power and no software change can alter this. Only the newer 120 kW stations have been upgradeable via software to 150 kW.

If Tesla expands a 72 kW location, they might add some V3 chargers or just more 72s.

cslaurie | 10 dicembre 2019

Try eBay. Lots of European charges there, not sure about Canada.

james_a_rasmussen | 18 dicembre 2019

From reading the comments above, there is obviously a need for a CCS to Tesla adapter for NA and Europe. Also it needs to be able to work in both countries. If Tesla will not provide one, why are the charging networks in Europe and NA not building one and selling it? From the photos and comments all you need is a CCS Plug on one side and a Tesla plug on the other.

mickel.werner | 18 dicembre 2019

@james_a_rasmussen It's not just the plug. I just got one here in France, and it involves a firmware change. Operation takes about an hour. If you use just the plug converter, you stand the chance of damaging the car.

rxlawdude | 18 dicembre 2019

@brotch, " I hope Tesla will release a North American CCS adapter soon as there is now a a good network of CCS charging locations."

I hope you are ready to dig very deep into your pockets to pay the per-kWh charges for CCS. I can see the need for a CCS adapter for travel in areas not covered by Superchargers, but not for daily use as a substitute for a local Supercharger. But that's just me.

mohdysf | 23 dicembre 2019

based on my personal experience, I have tried to use make Tesla CCS to US adapter by using type 2 to type1 converter and J1772 adapter which supplied with the car, I got red light in tesla charger and failed. I think I read somewhere it is possible with resistance in between will work … I will keep trying and update.

flickroll | 23 dicembre 2019

IMO Tesla really needs to get this going. They are cranking out the cars now and in some areas there are lines, or the charge rate is cut in half at V2 chargers because they have greater than 50% occupancy at the station. And I don’t see any effort on Tesla’s part to upgrade their existing chargers, at least not where I live. It’d gladly pay a little when I’m about out of juice and am on a trip. This would be relatively low cost for Tesla that would be a great benefit to the fleet. I really don’t understand why the have not done this already. I have a Chademo adapter that is reserved for use when I am really in need. Plus one Chademo connector at each EA facility does not cut it. | 23 dicembre 2019

I'm all for a CCS option, but can you imagine the lines at CCS stations? Most are a single DC connection, with a rare 2 or 4 stalls locations. You'll be competing with all the other EVs makes too - most which are far slower than Tesla to charge.

rxlawdude | 23 dicembre 2019

@TTap, exactly!

a.mohamed | 19 maggio 2020

Here in Egypt we suffer from this problem too, we have a lot of CCS1 cars and all the chargers are CCS2 and Chademo.

I Hope Tesla works on CCS2 to CCS1 Adapters very soon. it will help a lot in spreading Electric cars.

FISHEV | 19 maggio 2020

@a.mohamed | May 19, 2020 Here in Egypt we suffer from this problem too, we have a lot of CCS1 cars and all the chargers are CCS2 and Chademo. I Hope Tesla works on CCS2 to CCS1 Adapters very soon. it will help a lot in spreading Electric cars."

Not sure Tesla is concerned with promoting EV's any more just promoting Tesla even if it is at the expense of Tesla's abandoned Mission Statement, to promote sustainable transportation.

The lack of the promised CCS adapter in US for Model 3 (and really for Model S and X) is one indication. It's creating a problem for Tesla users as the Tesla charging stations are over crowded and breaking down when CCS charging stations from EA stand empty. By not allowing Tesla owners to use other DC fast chargers, Tesla is hurting development of a public charging infrastructure which promotes all EV's including Tesla (your situation).

Charging has become a big revenue for Tesla so Tesla is keeping owners hostage to Tesla's system in the US for cash. EU had to require CCS for Tesla to offer it there so that will likely be necessary in US for Tesla to do the right thing by Tesla owners.

jordanrichard | 19 maggio 2020

FISCHEV, please point out where Tesla is making a big profit on the superchargers?

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 19 maggio 2020

Can't be done; Tesla doesn't break out Supercharging revenues and costs from Sales and Lease revenues and costs. | 19 maggio 2020

There is no promise of any CCS adapter by Tesla for the USA, and it is unneeded and unlikely to ever be made. The reason EA stations are empty is no one wants to drive far out of there way to use such a crummy system. Rare to see a Supercharger crowded nowadays, so why would Tesla waste its development money on something that isn't even allowed by the CSS specs?

It's also unclear what will happen with EA when the Dieselgate money runs out this year. Very doubtful the high consumer costs will pay for the system, so it's likely to fall into disrepair and may even be shut down in a few years. I'd rather use Tesla's Superchargers that are easily available than be held hostage to a costly, clunky CCS system that has a high risk of not existing in the future.

andy.connor.e | 19 maggio 2020

People forget that EA stations are there because VW was forced to install them. The idea that they will be well maintained and improved in the long run is second only to zero percent chance.

Whats going to end up happening is companies are going to install chargers on site because Vehicle to Grid can be used for the offices themselves, and they will benefit from having peoples Tesla vehicles acting as power sources during peak hours.

WW_spb | 19 maggio 2020

Also Aliens are real

SamO | 19 maggio 2020


Someone will buy Electrocute America. Maybe ChargePoint can use it as their long-distance travel network. These charging companies have a real difficulty matching Tesla in the three areas necessary to replace fossil fuels:

1. Locations - Tesla's locations are very close to highway interchanges, in hotel parking lots and with food/services nearby.

2. Charging Speed - Lots of fast chargers. 250kW charging now becoming the standard with most new stalls at that speed with ZERO sharing.

3. Numbers of stalls - what's the worst part of range anxiety? Driving gently those last few miles to coast into a charing spot to find the stall occupied. And not enough range to make it anywhere else.

4. Price - Tesla has the best pricing in Europe. Tesla has the best pricing in the US. Megachargers with Tesla Semi are setting the lower bar at $0.07/kWh. That's the future.

It does not bode well for the "competitors" but we shall see. So far, Tesla has created the densest network, with the most charging stalls. More than all of their competitors combined. And when you add the Destination Charging network with those 10k plus stalls each in EU, China and US. It's a formidable challenge and requires a real commitment from automakers that we still have NEVER seen.

finman100 | 20 maggio 2020

new 250kW stalls? More are needed out on the interstates. NOT just cali. just saying.

replacement of the old tried and true shared 120kW stations (some upgraded to 150kW, still shared) is something that will need to happen sooner than later. My travel routes from OR to AZ or OR to SD (the state, not the cali city) are super important to have fast and non-shared stalls. Not a lot of them have been upgraded to 250 kW.

Soooooo much better than EA that it's not even funny, but improvements would be nice!