Getting my first mobile service appointment on Monday

Getting my first mobile service appointment on Monday

I'm having a Ranger (do they still call them that?) come to my home Monday morning to replace a defective drive shift stalk. The plastic is separating, it's a purely aesthetic issue but I hate it.

So far the experience has been better than any other service interaction I've had in the past. Requested the appointment via the app. The next day I got a text asking for photos of the problem. They were first going to have me go to a service center, but when I asked about mobile service they quickly accommodated me with a follow up for when a mobile technician come over.

I'll post back on how the appointment was once I actually get the service, but I'm pretty impressed so far.

Kathy Applebaum | 19 aprile 2019

I still call them rangers, but the official term now is "Mobile Service technician".

Sorry you need service, but I totally agree on the experience. I get frustrated with them at times until I take a breath and remember it's light years ahead of what I was getting from Honda, Toyota, or Lexus.

lilbean | 19 aprile 2019

It says “ranger” on their business cards.

ILoveMyModel3 | 19 aprile 2019

I love Telas mobile service.. I've used them to resolve a camera issue as well as rotate my tires.

82bert | 19 aprile 2019

Had one out the other day. He stated that’s tesla’s eventual goal was to have roughly 50% of all service done by mobile technicians. Love it.

Emticci | 19 aprile 2019

Also had the mobile tech service and loved it - rotated tires and replaced charge port in my driveway. Have my next mobile service next week for a couple other minor warranty issues. Great feature, so convenient.

alisse | 22 aprile 2019

Gah! It didn't even occur to me to ask to have the tires rotated. Next time.
Visit was a total pleasure. Super-nice guy that loves what he does. Went out of his way to help. Really great experience overall.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 aprile 2019

What type of vehicle did they show up in?

alisse | 22 aprile 2019

@Magic 8 Ball Some Dodge service van. I asked about it (why not an X). He said he used to drive an S to his appointments but his territory is so large he was stopping at superchargers too often, and it was cutting into his family time. But he also mentioned more X's are going to enter the service fleet soon.

ODWms | 22 aprile 2019

I have them coming tomorrow to re fit my spoiler. I’m going to have them look at my right rear door handle too while here. It’s sunken a little.

billlake2000 | 22 aprile 2019

There's two rangers in my area. One named Walker and the other named Trivette.

NapaChris | 22 aprile 2019

How do you get a mobile appointment? I have two issues that I’ve seen other people post were resolved with a mobile tech visit but when I try to schedule service on the app it makes me pick a location.
Yes, the location is only 40 miles away, but in Bay Area traffic that’s two hours!

alisse | 23 aprile 2019

@NapaChris I asked. It originally scheduled it for a service center but I asked if someone could come out, they checked and then arranged it for me.

bddaughe | 23 aprile 2019

I scheduled a tire rotation through the app this morning. About 3 hours later, I got a text saying that my tire rotation could be done onsite with their mobile team. They asked me to respond with "Yes" if interested and the mobile team would be in touch within 48 hours. I responded "Yes". Just waiting now to hear from them. Pretty cool as I didn't think this was possible.

Out of curiosity, how did they do a tire rotation? Did they have a way of jacking the car up or just two wheels at a time?