Searching the forums?

Searching the forums?

I don't see a way to search the forums, which if not available would seem to severely limit their usefulness. I tried the search in Support but it didn't seem to include the forums. Can someone enlighten me? TIA! | 24 aprile 2019

Comes up every week. Here are the options:

cbiwww | 24 aprile 2019

Thanks TeslaTap! (I guess if there's was a normal search feature I could have found all the previous answers!)

forumtest16 | 2 maggio 2019

I think there should be a search box should be included in Tesla's website | 3 maggio 2019

@forumtest16 - Go to the link above and it shows you how to do that (if you use Chrome).

kailashgajara | 17 giugno 2019 Your solution works. Thank you.

Looks like the Tesla forum is built using Drupal. | 17 giugno 2019

Glad I can help, although JeffreyR deserves major credit for creating the Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite that many of us use.