SuperCharging now faster

SuperCharging now faster


Was wondering what Tesla would do for us owners 2018 & prior.

There ya go those of you with FUSC - now at 150 kW | 26 aprile 2019

States all owners of 100s get faster charging to 150 kW - this includes those made in 2018 and 2017. I've been expecting this for months, as the larger battery over the old 85 should easily handle at least 15% peak charging. New cooling systems in the 100 pack likely allow a bit more than other packs.

Not sure other models will get an increase in peak charging power, but possible - maybe 10%, but maybe none.

jjgunn | 26 aprile 2019


Let us know if your X can reach the 150 kW on the SuperCharger w/2019.12.1

I just finished charging mine this morning & don't have the latest firmware yet

mathwhiz | 26 aprile 2019

Uh, it won't be all that simple jjgunn... First, you're talking about the new upper envelope limit of the spec that will be approached, but not fully achieved... Also, you're gonna want the On-Route Warmup feature to be 100% effective (i.e., engaged during a nav trip leg long enough to achieve optimal DC charging temp). On top of that, you'll need to come across a non-shared Supercharger stall... Last, is the chosen Supercharger operating at its best? (e.g.. how many times have we changed stalls to get better results?).

OK jimglas (and others) - feedback your observations. '-)

jjgunn | 26 aprile 2019

I'm in CA so outside temp is rarely an issue.

I usually SuperCharge after 11 PM -- never an issue finding an unpaired stall

On the off chance I find a "bad" or not performing stall I report it to Tesla.

I regularly get 117 kW when initially charging. 355-365 MPH

At least for me, none of this is an issue. Certainly in colder weather climates we will see reduced charge power. I'm just glad they opened it up.

mathwhiz | 26 aprile 2019

You misunderstand the temperature issue... Yes, the termperate climate of Calif is very pleasing tp those of us who live here, but we're talking about optimal pack temp for DC charging, which may be as high as 38 degrees Centigrade. To get the pack prepared for best rate DC charging may take 30 mins or so using the pack heater, even if you've already been driving. This is why Tesla has added the "On-Route Warmup" feature in firmware 2019.12.

jjgunn | 27 aprile 2019

Really...didn't realize temp would need to be that high (38C = 100F)

I'm assuming the reverse is true too - if it's 110F outside the battery pack would need to cool to the optimal temp (33-38C) for optimal charging?

Do you know the range of temp for optimal charging? Also is it different for the 18650 batteries vs. the 2170 (Model 3 & now newer S/X)?

jimglas | 27 aprile 2019

@jjgunn: tried SC yesterday evening. Maxed at 137 kw and trended down from there, but was only discharged to about 40%
(2018 MX100D)

jimglas | 27 aprile 2019

In-Route warm-up: check
Outside tem: around 70F
Nobody else at charger

jjgunn | 27 aprile 2019

Wow! An extra 20 kW. Almost 20% increase. All from software.

Other car companies have to be shaking their heads.

Friggin Sweet! | 27 aprile 2019

@jjgunn - From years ago in the diagnostic screens the pack inlet temp was targeted for 86F (likely a 2014 era pack).

There didn't appear to be a different temp for charging vs driving, and perhaps Tesla has found higher temps are better for DC fast charging.

If you're driving in 110F, the battery is already being cooled. Perhaps it is cooled less when it gets near to a Supercharger.

mathwhiz | 27 aprile 2019

As far as the precise optimal DC charging temp range, of course TESLA knows but *I* can’t recall, except that it’s much higher than we would think... I’ve fiddled with it, but the guy who’s done extensive tests with it is Bjorn Nyland. It’s done using the pack heater, which performance 100 kWh-equipped Tesla’s have the accommodation to do using what’s now called “Ludicrous+ Mode”. It was originally introduced to permit max battery launches.

In any case, the report from jimglas is indeed a welcome one. :-)

sschaem | 28 aprile 2019

The chart I would like to see if for the P100DL on a V3 charger. How long to get from 10% to 90%, and 20% to 80% | 29 aprile 2019

@sschaem - I just want to see a public V3 Supercharger! (As far as I know, none have been installed yet). Getting the charging data would be cool too.

nwfan | 30 aprile 2019

We had a member of our owners group snap a picture of her Model 3 charging at 149kw while charging in Memphis. V3 can't come fast enough.

jjgunn, agree. Take note German and Japanese Automakers. And note GF3 will be up and running in a few months.

Time to buy Tesla stock before it explodes. Model Y is coming, FSD is coming, V3 is coming. Disregard all the FUD.

Vawlkus | 30 aprile 2019

If only there was a Supercharger in my province to test this with. :P

mathwhiz | 30 aprile 2019

FYI, did a test today at Lake Elsinore Supercharger and got much the same results as jimglas did. Started at 140 kW @ 35% SOC with pronounced taper to 48 kW @ 80% SOC... The On-Route Battery Warmup had a good 45-50 min to prepare for DC charging. When I arrived at the Supercharger, I briefly enabled Max Battery Mode (LUDICROUS+) and observed a 20 min estimate to temp. This suggests that Tesla is using an optimal DC charging temp that is perhaps 5-7 degrees C lower than Max Battery. Cool stuff (pun intended). :-)

yabouzaid | 30 aprile 2019

I got x 75 unlocked to 100, I use to have max 94kw with charging speed 365, after new update, it did today, 110kw with 420, i directed the car to the supercharge , so it can warm up | 2 maggio 2019

@yabouzaid - Never heard of a 75 being "unlocked" to 100, as the 75 pack is 75 kW, not software limited 100 kW. Can you explain a bit more? The max power sounds more like a 75 than a 100 kW (which numbers sounds really good for a 75). Tried testing it yesterday, but SC only had one slot free, so my shared SC limited me to 67 kW - obviously, not my car's limit.

mario | 6 maggio 2019

Same here, I have a 75 that can never be "unlocked" :-(
Does anybody know if a May 2017 build will benefit at all from this?

jordanrichard | 6 maggio 2019

I don’t think anyone outside of Tesla knows what the ideal battery pack temperature is. So pre-heating the pack may very well be needed in CA. What I would like to know is there any indication/msg that one’s pack is being pre-heated on route to a charger. When using the app to pre-heat the interior, if the battery is cold soaked, a battery heating icon pops up on the app.

Teslapalooza | 6 maggio 2019

Yesterday I experienced the faster charging at SC. Pulled in with 93 miles remaining. I turned on the NavOnAP about 30 minutes before I got there. Outside temperature was between 70 and 75 F. Charging started off with 103 KW, 330 miles/hour. That is a good improvement.

yabouzaid | 6 maggio 2019

My battery charges up to 294, not 237 , that what i meant, mine is x75d built October 2018, from my experience, i think u need to preheat the battery 20 min before charge to get optimal charge speed, i live in Florida , still if I am 10 min Form the supercharger , still give me 95kw, only one time gave me 110

jjgunn | 6 maggio 2019

Brought the P3D to the SuperCharger this morning. Navigated for about 50 miles to the SuperCharger just to be sure battery was ready to get pounded with electrons.

Started at 22% SoC - immediately ramped up to 137 kW / 500 MPH & stopped right there. Definitely a limitation on it at the "regular" (now 150 kW) SuperCharger of 500 MPH

Saxman | 7 maggio 2019


I have a 75D delivered Dec 2016, AP2 just over 33,000 miles.
So far my 100% Charge is 230-232. Not sure why yours is less.

jimglas | 7 maggio 2019

@jjgunn: 137kW is the max I have seen, but I haven't been down below 20%. There has been some discussion that the 500 mph might be the maximum that can show, but the actual may be faster than what is shown on the screen. Any insight? I will be using tomorrow and will check. | 7 maggio 2019

@yabouzaid - I strongly suspect you have Ideal mode set - which almost no one uses. Change the setting in controls. While your range will drop to what everyone else is talking about, it is also more realistic. Ideal mode is when you want to drive long distances at about 35 mph, 70F, no wind or inclines.

I made a chart of the M3 kW vs SOC with the new software on a v2 Supercharger: Nice that it stays at the max kW longer than prior tapers.

Efleck | 8 maggio 2019

I charged my MX (100D with FSD) in Bend, Oregon, this past Saturday, only a few days after the update increased charging rate. We had just finished a 160+ mile trip so the car was warm and the outside temperature was in the low 70 deg F. The MX was down to about 24% and started charging at 143 kW. So, got the benefits of the enhanced charging capability.

Teslapalooza | 8 maggio 2019

Interesting. Are you saying you got that increased charging rate even without setting the navigation destination to tat Supercharger? | 8 maggio 2019

@Teslapalooza - My understanding is every M3 and 100 can get 140+ kW at most v2 Superchargers. If you use navigate to a SC, it will optimize the battery heat to speed the start of fast charging, otherwise it may take 5 minutes, or perhaps longer in cold weather to get up to the proper battery temp and allow max power.

Teslapalooza | 8 maggio 2019

Ok, got it. Thanks for that.

Teslapalooza | 8 maggio 2019

Ok, got it. Thanks for that.

Efleck | 8 maggio 2019

I had set the Bend Supercharger as the destination. So, I presume, it was ready to start charging when we pulled into the location.

jjgunn | 8 maggio 2019

@Efleck - one of the added features is preparing the battery for charging as soon as you set navigation to the SuperCharger. It's supposed to condition the battery & make it ready to receive electrons at an optimal charging rate.

Sounds like that is exactly what happened for you. 143 kW is impressive.

bonhari03 | 16 maggio 2019

Charged our MX 75 (2018) last week at the Fontana SC (24 stalls, rarely more than 4 charging at a time.) Started at 38% up to 90% in 40 min!
Usually it would take at least an hour!
I’m looking forward to our trip to Vegas next week!

jimglas | 16 maggio 2019

I started at 144 kW yesterday. Topped off to 90% in 15 minutes

inconel | 16 maggio 2019

Even assuming no tapering and the full 144Kw for the full 15min you would have gotten 36kWh. In a 100kWh battery car you would have started at 54% charging to 90%. Is it possible to see 144kW speed above 50% SOC?

jjgunn | 17 maggio 2019

Hey everyone....check this out.


Started at about 13% battery

jimglas | 17 maggio 2019

thought for sure it was a rick roll

beaver | 19 maggio 2019

Nice JJ, tons of power. How high power have you seen in the X?

GranpaJohn | 20 maggio 2019

Nov 2018 build MX100D. at Dayton SC. SOC was 140 miles - 150KW for a couple minutes and still above 120KW after 15 mins. My old 2016 MS75D never got above 75KW. I'm loving it.

jjgunn | 20 maggio 2019

For the MX started about 28% SoC and got as high as 138kW-140kW.

Haven't run the X down lower than 19% (once) & that was before the firmware update for more power from the SuCh's (150 kW).

I'm finding out your battery must be in optimal conditions (just like Mathwhiz said) to achieve the YOOOOOOGE kW rates for charging.

beaver | 20 maggio 2019

Musk has turned it up to 11